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wedding professionalsBook That DJ is more than just a crew of DJs providing trend setting DJ Services for weddings and more. We are a team of professionals trained and educated in wedding etiquette. We focus on learning about all elements pertaining to your big day. Working and maintaining great relationships with the areas top professionals allows gives us the insight on elements beyond just DJing.

This is why our clients LOVE us! They TRUST us!

We can never “do too much” when it comes to our clients. Not only do we offer several other services within the wedding industry, we work with and refer amazing like minded professionals in order to ensure that our clients get the absolute best options for their big day.

Many many times our clients contact us as soon as they set a date. We are honored to be one of the first elements booked for a clients big day. When this happens, we know where to send them next and what advice to give them. It is our responsibility to be able to provide our clients with referrals for the professional services that best suits their needs.

Wedding Bands

Not the ones you put on your finger, the ones that rock the house! We have worked with the top wedding bands in the Greater Toledo area over the past several years. There are several really good ones that we often recommend. What happens when we work with a band? It’s simple… The BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Check out our article on “A Wedding Professionals Advice On Booking A Band Or A DJ”.

Wedding Venues

Being sound professionals, we know the acoustics and elements that make up each venue to ensure that all of your guests get the best possible experience. Sometimes we might have to bring out extra speakers in order to balance through the oddly arranged layout of the venue. Without giving out all of our tactics, we do keep a detailed file of each venue in order to show our clients what we do within their space for the big day.

Wedding Dress

When it comes time to “Say Yes To The Dress” you want the best possible options. There are many national stores to choose from. But we enjoy referring our clients to the local professionals that we know have gone above and beyond in assisting them with finding the perfect dress.


Of course we have our favorites to work with when it comes to photographers. These days there seems to be more and more photographers every day to choose from due to the affordability of the basic photography equipment. We love making sure our clients get the best possible options for their day. Before we refer a photographer, we have had to work with them to ensure their work ethic and creativity meets the needs and expectations of each particular client.

Make Up Artists

There are several great make up artists in the area that have proven themselves to be professionals. When it comes down to referring a Make Up Artist for a client it is just like any other element of referral. We make sure the clients personal preferences are taken in to consideration that way we know they’ll get the absolute best option for them.

The list goes on and on…

Each element of your big day should be perfect! CONTACT US TODAY!!! (419) 376-9859 or Email:


Check out the featured article written in the Toledo Free Press about our Company and all the love we put in to everything we do.

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A Behind The Team Look At Book That DJ

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If you haven’t already heard of our team, you are in for a great treat with this article. Well, even if you have, you are sure to enjoy it. Our team does a lot of private events, weddings, corporate events, and so much more around the Greater Toledo Area and we are always receiving compliments on the quality of entertainment we provide. So we wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about what goes in to creating that awesome experience that a lot of you have enjoyed and been so grateful for.

So, here’s a “Behind The Team Look At Book That DJ”.
We Hope You Enjoy Getting To Know Our Fun DJ Company

book that dj, dj service, family dj serviceFrom Our Family To Yours

First and foremost, we are a very Family Oriented company. Founded by a great couple, Jason and Laura, their dedication to being caring and understanding has created a very warm environment for everyone involved in our company. Most of our DJs have kids and families of their own. We feel that is what gives us a lot of our passion to providing great memories for all of those we entertain. We love providing our services for weddings because it allows us to be there at the very beginning of a family coming together as one. This is why our clients love us so much (as you can see in our reviews here), because we understand the importance of family and our clients are able to relate to us so much more. By being a very loving and caring company, we understand that any great family has to have dedication to one another in order for everyone to work together cohesively. This is where our team training comes in to play.

We Are A Teamdj meeting, dj training

Our owner Jason Kelley has drilled in to all of our DJs that we are all a team and we are only as strong as the weakest link. We think it comes from his prior military background. But, whatever the case, he sets an amazing training environment for everyone to come together. We share tips, ideas, brainstorm together, and keep each other on the very top of our game. The importance of coming together as a team has allowed all of our members to grow as individuals in their personal lives and even build more confidence in some. The sense of “being a part of something” is such an amazing feeling. We meet weekly whether we have gigs or not, we train, we discuss, and most of all we stay connected.

“We are a family, we are a team, we are a unified force. That is the way we operate and the reason for such wonderful success. It’s not me, it is us.” – Jason Kelley

book that dj, dj training,

Our owner Jason Kelley giving tips on set ups and what to think about.

practice dj, practice dj set up, dj set up, dj equipment

DJ Joe Miller and DJ Jay Herbert setting up our practice set up.

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A Round Table Brainstorming/Discussion Session during one of our Team Meetings


We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little bit more. Over the course of the next few months we will be releasing more Bio’s and Video Testimonials, not only from clients but from our DJs as well. We really enjoy allowing all of you to get to know who we are as a company and as individuals.

Feel free to pop over to our Videos page and see some fun energy, or read many of our other articles under our FUN STUFF Page.

What Type Of Wedding Are You Imagining?

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Have you imagined what type of Wedding you expect?

Most Brides (and some grooms) have thought about their wedding day for many many years, when it should be, how beautiful it will be, and how much fun it will be. One of the primary questions we ask our clients when we sit down with them is “What do you imagine for your wedding entertainment?” Most of them seem to not have even given it much thought. They simply say “We just want our guests to have fun”. DONE! That’s easy. However, we like to take it a step further and get to know our clients in order to create their wedding entertainment based on their imagination. Thus begins our follow up questions in order to get to know more about general taste and personality traits. These are just a few of the reasons our clients rave about what we do.

The entertainment factor for your wedding should be held in very high regard. We are sure you’ve heard the phrase “A DJ will make or break your wedding”. This is completely true. The quality you should expect in your wedding dj shouldn’t be something that you simply decide on (Especially Not Based On Price!). Do your research! Find out about backgrounds, experience, previous employment, etc. Your DJ should be just as professional as they are talented. Without doing your research, you may be gambling with the actual outcome of what you’ve imagined your big day to be.

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Handling the microphone volume is a must during the ceremony

Experienced DJs With Professional Wedding Ettiquette

Over the past 5 years, our company has been involved in thousands of weddings. We aren’t just a DJ company, we are constantly working within the wedding industry. We also operate a Chair Cover company, a Photo Booth Company, manage and operate two banquet halls, and as of recently we are beginning our Catering Company. Book That DJ has recently opened a branch in Findlay/Lima and we are working on opening another branch in Chicago. We have seen it all, not just high energy and fun weddings, but the more formal and reserved weddings as well. Every bride and groom is different and we treat each and every wedding we are involved in with the uniqueness that each couple exemplifies. So when it comes down to your big day, it’s all about what you imagine. We can create whatever feel/vibe/energy you want for your wedding. Our DJs specialize in creating a very fun atmosphere.

We here at Book That DJ bring a level of personalization, expertise, attention to detail, and creativity that is unlike any other wedding dj or wedding dj company you will find. We have talents that most DJ companies simply don’t. That’s because we aren’t just “Weekend Warriors”. Meaning, we don’t just do weddings on the weekends and go through the motions. We won’t just send a “DJ” to your wedding with an itinerary. Our company also DJs throughout the week at several locations. And we train every week, during the week.

Our DJs are constantly learning new ways to transition songs, program songs, and get even more creative. Our office is equipped with a set up for us to showcase to our clients what we do, as well as utilize during our more informational DJ meetings. We manage two banquet halls in the area and we utilize those spaces for practicing set ups, microphone work, sound perfection, and more. You won’t get an out of practice DJ, or a fresh DJ, or a DJ that just “fills in” from our team. We are exactly that, a team. Each member being pushed just as much as the next to ensure our company maintains a level of service that will blow you away. This is why we are such an exclusive company.

Our Standards Are Set For You!

After meeting qualifications in order to be considered to represent the Book That DJ team, our DJs then go through a rigorous and extensive training period before they are even granted the opportunity to handle any event. We train, we quiz, we work together, we push and challenge each other to become even better aw what we do. Imagine a sports team and the skill sets they develop and sharpen throughout training camp in order to produce results for game day. Even throughout the season, we still train.

wedding dance, dance floor fun, wedding dance fun, dancing shoesHere’s When you should Book That DJ for your wedding.

When Should You Decide To Book That DJ?

We get asked by fellow professionals, future brides & grooms, and even people planning a special event, “When should we decide to book that dj?” Our answer is always the same, “RIGHT AWAY!”.

There are a few reasons why you should book that dj immediately and here they are:

We are an Exclusive DJ Company.

What that means is that we are limited on the number of DJs we have on our team. The reason for this is because it is hard to find the perfect people to represent our brand as well as trust handling some of the biggest and most important days of your lives. We always keep one DJ open to ensure that in case of emergency, you will still have someone from our crew be at your event handling everything correctly.

A DJ will make or break your event.

It goes without saying that entertainment is one of the most (if not THE Most) important factor for any event. You can have a beautiful venue, perfect decorations, great food and drink options… But, if your guests are bored, or if they don’t know what is going on, or if your DJ just plain old sucks, your event wont be anything like it could have been. Just as well, you can have a basic backyard bar-b-q with plastic place settings and if your DJ is awesome, your event ROCKED!

All you need to Book That DJ Is a Date Set! So don’t hesitate, you might miss out.

So if you’re planning a Wedding, Birthday Party, Surprise Party, Holiday Party, Corporate Event, Etc… BOOK THAT DJ TODAY!

wedding dancing

From Parades To Super Heroes, Book That DJ Has FUN!

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From Parades To Super Heroes, Book That DJ Has FUN!

We do more than just DJ weddings! We make sure everyone around us has FUN FUN FUN!!! In this article you’ll get to experience a little bit of the fun we had this past weekend in the Greater Toledo Area! We had two birthday parties, yes two, the final one was a Super Hero Party complete with Super Hero’s! We talk about Rockin the 2014 Toledo Holiday Parade. Then we finish off our weekend and this article with the wonderful work that Nick Amrhein is doing for Local Veterans! Including our very own Jason Kelley – Marine Corps Veteran. So please enjoy this wonderful fun. We sure did.

birthday party, surprise birthday party, book that dj birthday party, book party dj, hire a birthday party dj, affordable party dj, Friday Night started with a Surprise!

We had the pleasure of DJing a surprise 50th Birthday Party at the Monclova Community Center in Monclova Ohio. Chuck thought he was going to an anniversary party for a great couple of friends. Turns out it was a Surprise 50th birthday party. He was definitely surprised to see all of his friends and family gathered in one place to celebrate his birthday. Even old high school friends of his flew in all the way from Florida and Texas. His wife took to the planning and not only decided to Book That DJ, but they also had a delicious Chili Dogs spread Catered from Tony Packo’s. And the desserts were amazing!!! Not just cake, they had cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and more! We always love a delicious sweet spread.

The Toledo Holiday Parade 2014

With little sleep from Friday Night festivities, our team got up earlier than usual and headed to downtown Toledo in order to prepare for the Holiday Parade! We had a general idea for how we wanted our float to look. But when we got there it was already decorated. Thanks to Nicole from The Event Center, it was way better than we even imagined!!!

toledo parade float with book that dj

The Toledo Holiday Parade 2014 was Book That DJ’s First!

dancing at parade, holiday parade 2014, toledo holiday parade,All that was left to do was to set up the DJ Equipment! We got all set up and ready to rock! Then we just had to wait for the parade to begin. There were a lot of other floats and groups around us waiting for the parade to start. So what did we do? Well, we started warming them up! We don’t have to wait for the parade to start for the fun to start! From the news crew at 13abc to the National Guard, and even the workers from the Toledo Blade, we had everyone dancing! Then when the parade began, we just kept the energy going all the way through downtown! All the spectators seemed to liven up as we rolled past them. “WE ROCKED THE WHOLE CITY!!!”

We had the whole Kelley Crew out for this very memorable occasion! All the daughters and even both Brothers!! Nicole from the Event center had her family on the float too. We turned the entire float in to one big dance party to energize the city! We all know kids have so much energy! The cold didn’t even seem to matter anymore, it became all about bring joy, happiness, and fun to all those who were able to experience this wonderful parade!



The Clown Brigade Showing Some Love To Book That DJ!

The Clown Brigade High-Five’s Book That DJ!

We Weren’t done yet!


super hero photo, photo booth, photo booth rental, party photo booth, photo booth fun, wedding photo booth, affordable photo booth, The theme was set, the equipment was set up, all that was left was to wait for the guests to arrive. We not only got to DJ this wonderful Birthday Party, but we also set up our Photo Booth. That’s right the amazing photo booth from I Got Framed Photo was able to capture more than 250 photo booth pictures of all the little kids dressed as Super Hero’s as well as their parents. Our photo booth is completely customizable! We have almost unlimited creativity with our graphic design crew at the helm. All of the images came out high quality, and we were even able to lower our booth to a level that all the kids could enjoy!

No Super Hero Theme Party would be complete without the help of actual Super Heroes! That’s right the parents of the birthday boy hired 3 super heroes to come entertain all of the guests and it was EPIC!!! They brought Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, and even Batman!!! The super heroes showed the kids some great super hero moves and tactics. They were a big hit! We highly recommend hiring some professional super heroes for your next birthday party, as well as our amazing DJ Service! We were able to cue up the perfect songs to match the fun they were having! Check out the video below!



Killed it tonight!!! #goninjago #ninjaturtle #BookThatDJ #bestdj #superherodj

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  We hope you enjoyed the fun! We sure did! Remember, when you’re ever in need of a DJ service, BOOK THAT DJ!
We work well with Super Heroes!

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Super Hero Birthday Party

And here’s a Sneak Peek Photo from the Up Coming project Bravery and Bullets by Nick Amrhein at 3X1 Media. He is interviewing and capturing images of local Veterans. More on this project coming soon. Enjoy!

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