What Is Your Wedding DJ Doing?

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What is your wedding DJ Doing? We here at Book That DJ make sure not only you, but your guests have a wonderful time. We don’t just play music, we (through our planning process with you) recommend some fun new trendy things to do during the evening. If you are wondering what to do to make sure your guests remember your special day as much as you will, call us. We have plenty of tips and ideas.

Here are a few photos from a wedding at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, OH. These images were taken by: Ever After Modern Photography.

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These guys were the life of the dance floor for a while. They really got people going. So much fun!

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What a great way to start a wonderful life together. He knew she was right, so he held up her shoe. The Shoe Game.

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The Brides Sorority Sisters wanted to sing to her on her wedding day. What a wonderful special moment.

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The brides mother watching her daughter Dance her First Dance at her wedding.

Our DJs make sure those special moments are remembered as much as possible. So if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, make sure you tell them to Book That DJ!

People Are Unique, So Weddings Are Unique. Get Creative With Book That DJ

Are you afraid your wedding will be just like every other wedding this year? Well, so are we. That is why we apply our creativity and experience in helping you plan the most unique and personalized wedding possible.

Don’t just settle for the same old routine. A lot of Wedding DJ’s have been trained to follow a certain timeline and music regiment. NOT BOOK THAT DJ. You tell us that you don’t want “Elevator Music” during your dinner hour, we know exactly what you mean. Which is why our Online Planning Process allows you to have complete control. Not just the online planning process, but also our open communication will allow you to have exactly what you imagine for your wedding.

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We suggest a lot of Fun and Trendy New Things to do at your wedding that will ensure your guests have an amazing time. But, they are merely suggestions. You have the final say as to what will happen throughout the evening. For instance the video below is of the entire reception doing the “Train”. It was AWESOME for this group of people, but it may be “corny” or “silly” for you and your guests. It all depends on what you want and don’t want to do. We have plenty of other suggestions.

Our DJs are fun and energetic (without being “Over The Top”). If you don’t want a DJ that just sits there and plays music, You’ve come to the right place. But if you do, you still came to the right place, because that is what you want and it’s your special day! Our Company is Based on Customer Service.

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The Season Has Begun! Go DJ!

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It Has Begun!

The Wedding Season is finally in Full Effect! Our DJs are booked almost Every Saturday from Beginning of May to Mid November. We have very few dates left. However, if someone you know is still looking for that AWESOME DJ, don’t hesitate to call/email us!

(419) 376-9859 or Jason@BookThatDJ.com

Weddings are our Passion!

All of our DJs take special pride in knowing that we will be able to make a wonderful couple’s special day even more memorable. Being there for people during one of the most momentous occasions of their lives, and ensuring everything goes smoothly, is a honorable responsibility. We embrace it!
We like to say that our company ensures you “Get Hitched without a Hitch”.

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wedding at stone ridge golf club

We don’t just do weddings!

Our DJs are constantly fine tuning their microphone skills and crowd interaction abilities all throughout the week. Throughout the Greater Toledo Area, you can find us doing “Trivia Nights”, Karaoke, DJing private parties, and MORE!

Follow Us on Facebook <–Click Here) to see where we are at during the week. Get to know BOOK THAT DJ! We will be here for a long time, setting new trends and ensuring people have a great time! We aren’t Just DJ’s, We are ENTERTAINERS!



A DJ Service To The RESCUE

This past weekend we had an abundance of work to do. From meeting with upcoming brides to finalize wedding details, to working a Business Expo and even another Bridal Show. Building business isn’t always just a fun thing to do, it takes hard work, dedication, and some very long days. However, despite how busy we were this past weekend, we still managed to come to the rescue for a lucky bride.

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time could be considered “Fate” or “Destiny”.

We experienced this on Sunday Evening. We were meeting with a bride at a coffee shop to go over final details for her wedding. After a very long and busy weekend, we were still maintaining our focus and highly professional work ethic. We were right in the middle of going over her timeline for her special day, when we overheard in the distance (very faintly) another patron say to her friend “Do you know any Good DJ’s?”. We don’t know if it’s a case of selective hearing or a constant sense of awareness that this seemed much louder than anything else around us. So of course we were inclined to respond. We asked the bride we were there with very politely to hold on a second, got up quickly and walked to the table that the question came from, handed the young lady our business card and simply stated, “We are a GREAT DJ Service”. Her eyes lit up and she seemed to have a wave of calmness come over her. Sure enough the bride we were meeting with yelled over to the table “They are Awesome, you will be in Great Hands, Trust Me!”. Meaning she must have heard it as well, and was enthusiastic about everything we have done for her so far. We sat back down and continued our meeting with our bride.

After the meeting…

The young lady looking for a DJ came over to our table and began to explain that her wedding is coming up in a few months and she has been stressing because she has not found a good enough DJ company. She said she had met with several companies in the area and just was not satisfied with certain things. So it seemed to be fate that we were in the right place at the right time. We went over all that we offer with our company and she was completely in awe. She said, “I thought a DJ was just going to come and play music, but you guys do so much that it actually makes my planning and other aspects of the day seem much easier”.

In Good Hands With Book That DJ

In Good Hands With Book That DJ


We were able to provide our services for this lucky lady that as fate would have it was exactly where she needed to be when she needed to be there.


Remakes, Mixes, and Mashups Make More Memories! We Got Em!



Our Company (Book That DJ) not only stays on top of all the latest Wedding Trends, we also either create or search out original Remakes, Mixes, and Mashups in order to add even more lasting memories.

hip hop wedding dj originalWe are preparing for our First Wedding for the Season on April 6th. Our clients are big fans of Old School Hip Hop and R&B. We like to make sure we treat every clients reception as unique as they are and add our creativity to their special day. There are many classic songs that we have ready to play during the Dancing portion of the evening. However, we wanted to go above and beyond that.

In this case we searched out several Hip Hop tracks that have been remade into either a slow song or an acoustic version of the original. We wanted to play these during the Cocktail Hour and Dinner Hour. They are a perfect blend of slow and easy listening while still having the effect of the memorable song being noticed. What might sound like just another slow song to one person, will spark a memory in another that will notice what song is actually being sung. One of the greatest versions we found was a cover song of “Today Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. We hope you enjoy what we have found. We have so many more in our collection. Thank you all for your continued support.



Don’t just settle for any old wedding DJ. We help make it as Creative as Possible.