A Cheap DJ is like a Roach Motel

cheap motel dj

Planning a trip or a vacation takes less planning than planning an event or a wedding. But both are very important when it comes to your experience and life long memories. Either way, you want the absolute best experience possible. The trip or vacation you plan is usually a much needed time away to unwind and enjoy life. Your accommodations should be just as stress free, relaxing, and memorable as your destination.  Let us explain to you why Booking a Cheap DJ is like Staying at a “Roach Motel“.



Have you ever made a reservation at a place and they mess up or lose your information? Most Cheap DJs don’t have much organizational awareness. You know this by the way they simply say, “Yeah, I’ll Do It”. Then you don’t hear from them and/or can’t get in contact with them quickly. Well, what if you have questions? What if you start wondering if they’re actually coming? How do you know that they will actually meet your expectations? Is none of this important because you got the best price possible? The reason you stay at a well known establishment on your trip is the same reason you Book a well known/ Professional DJ Service,  because they have established themselves to be reliable and have organization systems in place to ensure client satisfaction. Also, what if you arrived at your destination and they had no central air, hot water, or even locks on their doors? A professional DJ company stays in constant contact with their clients and has a reliable system of communication and organization.


gross motel roomWe want you to imagine the visual feel of those $29 per night motel rooms. Can you see the ridiculous floral pattern “comforter” (that isn’t really that comfortable), the smoke stained walls, the cracked bathroom mirror (that you can’t help but feel like there is a camera behind it), the “Large” 27 inch tube T.V. that swivels atop an off colored brown 4 drawer dresser, and the base heater system that seems to make a rattling noise constantly. Is this the place you want to stay in on vacation? Probably not.


This is an actual DJ Set Up we saw in 2013

This is an actual DJ Set Up we saw in 2013 (Not OURS!)

That feel is very similar to what your guests have when you book a $150 or $200 DJ for your event. Most Cheap DJs have set ups that are just “Eye Sores”; wires that seem to spaghetti themselves around everything and are an array of different colors, large speakers that seem to emit more static than a poorly tuned radio station, attire that is supposed to be professional but just doesn’t seem to fit correctly, sometimes even a “Desktop” computer Tower to operate their Digital sound system, or a house stereo CD Player, or “Banners” that showcase some poorly designed logo/website information, the list goes on and on.



Don’t get tricked by fancy wording for one star bookings and think… “Well it sounds legit and it’s half the price”. When they say they have a “Continental Breakfast”, it’s basically just old fruit, store bought pastries, Orange “Drink” (instead of Orange Juice), and the old cereal packages that you would find at morning breakfast in grade school. Their “Business Center” usually consists of an old desktop computer that is connected to a printer. “High Speed Internet” and “Wifi” that seems to be only accessible in the lobby near the business center. A “Shuttle Service” that is just one rusty cargo van driven by the head custodian when he isn’t fixing broken chairs. Why would you subject yourself to these conditions in an important time of your life, just to save on cost? Just the same, why would you book a DJ that: Drinks too much during the event, babbles over top of the music, doesn’t help with the planning process, makes passes at your wedding guests, has faulty equipment (7 out of 10 wedding receptions you cannot hear the DJ or the speeches due to cheap microphones), doesn’t play the right music for your guests due to only being trained for one “type” of wedding, doesn’t set up on time, is unable to take requests because they’re using CD’s or have a limited selection of music, doesn’t keep a good flow of events (stops the music abruptly to do one of your special events), and of course… the list goes on and on.

So to sum up this article, don’t let price be your first and/or your deciding factor in selecting your DJ. Treat yourself to the most accommodating DJ that meets your expectations. It’s a special day for you. You want to be stress free, and create memories (GOOD ONES).

So… BOOK THAT DJ!!! You’ll have a great experience!

Your DJ will make or break your event, just like your Hotel/Motel accommodations will heighten or ruin your vacation/trip experience.

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Gotta Get The Milk and Bread In Midwest Ohio Snow Storm

In the midwest, we get a lot of snow! One of the main urgency during a snow warning is getting enough bread and milk.

Why? we may never know!

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.


Do you have enough milk and snow? Let us know below!

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A surprise wedding dance you must see! So Smooth!

smooth criminal dance, wedding dance, viral wedding, wedding surprise, book that dj

One of the many reasons we are Toledo’s Top Wedding DJs is because we always encourage our clients to do something creative for their wedding in order to make it memorable. In the wedding industry now, there are more and more viral videos than ever before. This one is a must see. They surprised their guests with this choreographed dance! We love it, we hope you do also.

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“La Hora Loca” (The Crazy Hour) Wedding Tip of 2013

We had such a great Wedding Season of 2013. It lasted till the final Saturday of the Year! December 28th. But, this was unlike any other wedding we did all year. This great couple lives in Miami and was planning their wedding in Cleveland Ohio at the Glidden House. The Glidden House is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s most elegant wedding venues. With our couple being from out of state and their wedding being “out of town” we were ready to take on this event with full planning, just as any other wedding. Our online planning area was perfect for the Beautiful Couple to not only create their play list, but to stay in complete contact with their DJ as well. It was through this communication that One of them decided to surprise the other with what is called

“La Hora Loca” or in English “The Crazy Hour”.

It is a designated hour in the evening when the party goes into Carnaval mode. It is a high-energy part of the evening where the host or bride & groom hand out masks and beads and the DJ plays an upbeat set of Spanish music. It’s a party within a party. La Hora Loca can be considered like an After Party within the Party.
la hora loca, the crazy hour, crazy hour playlist, la hora loca dj, spanish wedding
A couple of the songs we played for La Hora Loca DJ Play List:
  • “Magalenha” – Sergio Mendes
  • “Samba de Janeiro” – Bellini
  • “75th Street Brazil” – Nicola Fasano
  • “Danza Kuduro” – Don Omar
  • “Waka Waka” – Shakira

This was our first time being exposed to this style of wedding event. However, just as anything else, we did our research and created such a fun night for the beautiful couple! All the way till the last song of the night!!


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Holiday Engagement Deal on Best DJ In Toledo

It’s that time of year again when families get together and surprises are planned! One of the most romantic times of year to pop that big question! Well, we are also in the holiday spirit of giving and surprising. Which is why we are running our Holiday Engagement Deal on the Best DJ in Toledo!

He didn’t just buy you any old ring, Don’t just get him any old DJ. Get him the Best!

Holiday Engagements 13

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life! Make sure it is exactly what you’ve imagined and Book That DJ! Your Wedding DJ can make or break your wedding day. Either your guests will be raving about how much fun they had or grumbling about how bored they were.

We help you plan for the best Wedding Ever! We pay attention to all of the little details that no other DJ company considers. Such as (without giving away too many of our secrets) the importance engaging your guests to keep their attention. There is so much for you to plan, let us help with the process. We can handle the pressure.

What is our Holiday Engagement Deal?

Well, we are giving an automatic $100 off to any Newly Engaged couple that decides to Book That DJ before January 14, 2014!

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