Book That DJ Adds A New Member To The Team!

fakeBook That DJ Adds a NEW DJ To The Team!

WELCOME DJ Daniel Lopez!

DJ Daniel Lopez of Book That DJ

DJ Daniel Lopez

DJ Daniel Lopez is the latest addition to the Book That DJ Team. Originally from California, Daniel has been a Toledo native since he was a youngster. With a background in Sales, Customer Service, and Even Bar Tending, Daniel makes… Read MORE HERE

Book That DJ is continuously growing in the Greater Toledo Area! We have even started a new branch in the Findlay/Lima Area! Thank you all for your continued Support! We set a high standard of excellence and not everyone makes the cut! Daniel has definitely exceeded our expectations and has put his time in to the planning process and learned our style, standards, and fun fun ways!

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Daniel Lopez is trained in Wedding Etiquette and has experience with Pool Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, and even the Bar/Club nights!


DJ Daniel Lopez


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“I’m So Married” Iggy Azalea Fancy Parody

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We Love bringing you the best around and today this Parody really hit home with us! We hope you love it as much as we did.

Just Click PLAY!!!

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Let Our Family Take Care Of Yours

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Here at Book That DJ, we aren’t just DJs, our crew is more like a family than anything. We feel that one of the most valuable aspects of our company is how much care we put in to our clients. When you book with us, we encourage you to add us all on facebook and feel comfortable in the fact that you don’t just get a DJ, you get our family! Sometimes life happens and our DJs may be unavailable for a day or two. That is why we stress that you can contact any other member of our family with any questions, in order to get a prompt answer.

Our clients aren’t just clients, they become members of our family as well. We absolutely enjoy seeing the union of two families. It is our duty to ensure that union is the most memorable it can be. Even after the big day, our clients still stay in contact with us, just like any family member would, keeping us updated with their lives and thanking us for being such a wonderful part of their family.

WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN! Not just a Team, we are a Family!

WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN! Not just a Team, we are a Family!

Our Family doesn’t just DJ!

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Add Up-Lighting to Your Wedding DJ Package

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Add Up-Lighting to Your Wedding DJ Package

We have recently added an “Up-Lighting” option to our services. We bring out 6 lights and set them to the color of your desire. Our company has the Best Wedding DJs in the Toledo Area.

If you’re thinking of adding that little extra experience to your event, add the DJ Up-Lighting Option to your package. Here are a few images. But the essence of these lights are much better live.

DJ Up Lighting Option wedding dj, dj up lighting

If you’re looking for the 21st century wedding dj company, look no further.

This Video Below showcases the Up Lighting that was set behind the Bride and Groom to showcase even more the spectacular visual options we can create. Watch as she sings to her Newly Wed Husband. Such a beautiful moment.

Tell your Friends and Family To BOOK THAT DJ! We have state of the art equipment and LED Lighting. Our Lighting options are among the best in the wedding industry.

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Wait! You Do What!?

We are more than just DJs!

Our Top 3 aspects of our DJ company that sets us apart from the rest are what make our clients so happy and stress free! Take advantage of these elements by Booking That DJ! As soon as you book with our company you get access to these…

1. Open Communication with our DJ Company.

Not only will you have full communication access to your dj, but also with anyone else in the company.  Our company is more like a family than a company. We treat all clients as if they were family as well. Whether it be through Facebook, email, text, phone, twitter, our website, our communication lines are always available for you. We have a 24 hour policy as well. What that means is that if you don’t reach one of our staff members right away, we will respond within 24 hours. We understand the importance of having answers right away in order to ensure things are less stressful.

2. Our Passion and Creativity.

We are constantly staying up to date on all of the latest “Trends”. Not just in the wedding industry, but in pop culture and the party scene as well. We enjoy making lasting memories and what better way than to do something completely original. Our staff has creative “Brainstorming” meetings often to try to come up with new and exciting ways to ensure our clients and their guests have the most fun possible. Whether it’s making a brand new and original “mashup” or “Mix” for your specialty dances, or simply “Playing Along” with a theme idea. We enjoy what we do and want you to enjoy it too.

3. Our Planning Process.

The other two aspects of our company also play a big part in the Planning Process that we have perfected for you. By having our Open Communication policy it makes it easier to get answers for planning questions. The passion and creativity we bring to the table allows for “Outside The Box” options that you may not have thought about on your own. We like to get involved and help make the event as successful and memorable as possible. Alongside these two options, the online Planning Area allows for you to have complete control. All of our clients are given an exclusive password to their own “Client Area” on our website. There they have access to over 80,000 different songs to choose for play list creation, a Planning Form, a Timeline, and so much more! This area is exclusive to our clients and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So if you’re up at 3am because you just can’t sleep, you can “tinker” with an original play list that will make your event even more fun.


 photo twe-add_zpsbbc06f53.gif
On top of these three things, we (of course) have the Experience, Professionalism, Affordability, and Knowledge to create lasing memories for you and all of your guests. We not only know Music and Planning, but we know Sound. Sound is an important factor for everything to maintain a balance. If your sound isn’t pleasant than all the planning just goes out the window. We have TOP of the LINE equipment to ensure you have the Best SOUND possible!

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