What Is Your Wedding DJ Doing?

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What is your wedding DJ Doing? We here at Book That DJ make sure not only you, but your guests have a wonderful time. We don’t just play music, we (through our planning process with you) recommend some fun new trendy things to do during the evening. If you are wondering what to do to make sure your guests remember your special day as much as you will, call us. We have plenty of tips and ideas.

Here are a few photos from a wedding at Camp Perry in Port Clinton, OH. These images were taken by: Ever After Modern Photography.

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These guys were the life of the dance floor for a while. They really got people going. So much fun!

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What a great way to start a wonderful life together. He knew she was right, so he held up her shoe. The Shoe Game.

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The Brides Sorority Sisters wanted to sing to her on her wedding day. What a wonderful special moment.

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The brides mother watching her daughter Dance her First Dance at her wedding.

Our DJs make sure those special moments are remembered as much as possible. So if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, make sure you tell them to Book That DJ!

An Abandoned Playlist, The Story Of An Irish DJ on St Pattys Day

As a Professional DJ it is pertinent that you be prepared for the event that you are about to perform/entertain at. There are many different types of DJ’s (we will get into that at another time). However, no matter what type of DJ you are, you must be Diverse in order to be considered a Professional. This is the story of an Irish DJ on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Owner, Jason Kelley, is primarily a “Wedding DJ” but is known to be able to “Rock The House” in any setting. Jason considers himself more of a “Wedding DJ” by choice. He has DJ’d many clubs, bars, private events, parties, festivals, and more. But he is most comfortable being a part of that Special Day. There are very few “DJ Gigs” he accepts outside of the Wedding Industry. One of which is his regular appearances at TGIFriday’s in Toledo, OH. Jason, along with fellow Book That DJ member Donny P, perform what they call “Tiger Trivia” every Wednesday. Jason also DJ’s a “Themed Party” once a Month for TGIFriday’s.


The St. Patty’s Day Party was planned for Sunday, March 17th. So as any Great DJ does, Jason put together an AWESOME play list of many Irish songs and Medley’s to entertain the St. Patty’s Party Goers. Everything from House of Pain to Floggin Molly, Barstool Hooligans, and of course Dropkick Murphy’s (with many more in between). Seemed as easy as any other Gig he prepares for.

Upon arriving for set up, Jason noticed that there weren’t any of the “regulars” or “Party Goers” in attendance. In fact it was a completely different crowd all together. Very little green and only about a handful of people. He opened his set with a perfect beatmatch blend from House Of Pain Jump Around to Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m shipping up to Boston”. It was at this time Jason noticed the patrons in attendance were not very entertained and slightly annoyed by the music being played. He was then faced with a dillemmma. Should he continue playing Irish music since he was hired to DJ a St. Patrick’s Day Party and hope Party Goers arrive? or Should he switch it up to entertain the crowd before him. Although it seems like a hard decision, it really was not. As a professional entertainer, Jason quickly switched up the music and began to just DJ on the Fly. He engaged the crowd with his microphone charisma and then shifted right into Aerosmith ft. Run DMC – Walk This Way. The VIBE of the party was then in Full Effect.

run dmc

“You must Adapt to your crowd”, said Jason Kelley, “if you’re not keeping your crowd entertained, you are failing. It’s not about ‘Me’ when I DJ, it’s about how much FUN people have when I’m in charge of their FUN”.



“DJing is like putting together a Puzzle and playing chess at the same time… Songs should fit right where they need to be while watching the moves of the crowd and calculating. A Great DJ thinks 3 plays ahead in planning right where each piece will fit before the time runs out, all the while knowing it can change at any moment”.  – Jason Kelley.

Any DJ knows that a prepared play list never stays the same. In this case it was abandoned all together.

Thank You for Reading. Don’t forget to BOOK THAT DJ!



Wait! You Do What!?

We are more than just DJs!

Our Top 3 aspects of our DJ company that sets us apart from the rest are what make our clients so happy and stress free! Take advantage of these elements by Booking That DJ! As soon as you book with our company you get access to these…

1. Open Communication with our DJ Company.

Not only will you have full communication access to your dj, but also with anyone else in the company.  Our company is more like a family than a company. We treat all clients as if they were family as well. Whether it be through Facebook, email, text, phone, twitter, our website, our communication lines are always available for you. We have a 24 hour policy as well. What that means is that if you don’t reach one of our staff members right away, we will respond within 24 hours. We understand the importance of having answers right away in order to ensure things are less stressful.

2. Our Passion and Creativity.

We are constantly staying up to date on all of the latest “Trends”. Not just in the wedding industry, but in pop culture and the party scene as well. We enjoy making lasting memories and what better way than to do something completely original. Our staff has creative “Brainstorming” meetings often to try to come up with new and exciting ways to ensure our clients and their guests have the most fun possible. Whether it’s making a brand new and original “mashup” or “Mix” for your specialty dances, or simply “Playing Along” with a theme idea. We enjoy what we do and want you to enjoy it too.

3. Our Planning Process.

The other two aspects of our company also play a big part in the Planning Process that we have perfected for you. By having our Open Communication policy it makes it easier to get answers for planning questions. The passion and creativity we bring to the table allows for “Outside The Box” options that you may not have thought about on your own. We like to get involved and help make the event as successful and memorable as possible. Alongside these two options, the online Planning Area allows for you to have complete control. All of our clients are given an exclusive password to their own “Client Area” on our website. There they have access to over 80,000 different songs to choose for play list creation, a Planning Form, a Timeline, and so much more! This area is exclusive to our clients and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So if you’re up at 3am because you just can’t sleep, you can “tinker” with an original play list that will make your event even more fun.


 photo twe-add_zpsbbc06f53.gif
On top of these three things, we (of course) have the Experience, Professionalism, Affordability, and Knowledge to create lasing memories for you and all of your guests. We not only know Music and Planning, but we know Sound. Sound is an important factor for everything to maintain a balance. If your sound isn’t pleasant than all the planning just goes out the window. We have TOP of the LINE equipment to ensure you have the Best SOUND possible!

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Don’t Hesitate To Book Your DJ, You Might Miss Out

“Hesitation = Frustration”

This quote applies directly to booking your DJ. If you know what DJ you want to handle your event, Book Them and Book Them Fast! Chances are that if you wait, they may not be available for you when you call. Our company is continuously growing. This year we have had to add 2 new DJs to the team and we plan on adding at least one more. Even with 4 DJs in our company there are dates that we will unfortunately have to decline because we will all be booked up.

If Book That DJ is your Top Choice, BOOK!

wedding dj

We don’t need to give you a “Sales Pitch” or “Persuade” you to feel comfortable booking our DJs, we offer so much with our service that it speaks for itself. Our Brides book with us because we are reliable, relate-able, and responsible. When Booking your Dj you want to have a connection with that person that will ensure you are comfortable with them being in charge of one of the most important days in your life. We ensure that connection.

Even with all that we offer and how well we relate to couples, there is still a hesitation sometimes. Whether it be due to financial restraints or simply (and the most common reason) not understanding the importance of booking your DJ right away. We are flexible enough to be able to work with a couples budget, just ask. If your thinking of just putting it off until your date gets closer, you may lose out on a great DJ Service. So Don’t Hesitate, Book Now and get comfortable because its guaranteed to be FUN!

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The Best Option For Your Wedding Ever

best wedding dj everWe know the title to this article seems a bit cocky. However, we believe that all that we offer is by far more than any of our fellow DJ companies have to offer. Therefore, it’s more of a “More Bang For Your Buck” statement. Let us take a few moments to tell you why we believe we are the Best Option For Your Wedding Ever.



Our Customer Service.

The very first contact you have with a company will determine ultimately the comfort level you feel for that company. We take our customer service very seriously. Within 24 hours of contacting our company (if not right away) one of our representatives will contact you and answer any and all of your questions. This continues throughout the entire process of hiring our company for your event and even afterwards. We have an “Open Communication Policy” within our company that ensures our clients or potential clients that we will be easy to contact and 100% responsive. Any of our clients can reach us through Phone, Email, Social Media, The Website, Fax, Text, or whatever form of communication works best. We understand the importance of communication. Sometimes you may need an answer right away. We are here to keep you stress free.

Not only is our communication a great aspect of our Customer Service, so is our passion for client satisfaction. We often meet with clients and go over the aspects of our company. However, there are so much that we have to offer that sometimes we may not think of everything during the meeting. Therefore, our clients are often instructed to ask us any follow up questions even after the meeting takes place. Sometimes you would meet with another DJ Company or someone tells you what their DJ may have done for them and you want to know if we would offer additional services or aspects of our service. We are open to ideas and suggestions on how we can personalize everything based on your needs.


The Unmatched Planning Process

Our open communication policy and passion for client satisfaction definitely comes in to play all throughout the planning process. In addition to these aspects, the Client Tools in our Client Area allow you to have complete control of every detail pertaining to your special day. We have perfected a planning process that is unmatched by any other company in the surrounding area. We stress personalization in the process. Each event is unique and tailored to the clients. In the client area, you will have access to planning forms, timelines, payment options, and over 80,000 song choices to add to your play (or do not play) lists. We don’t just DJ, we help you plan for making it EPIC!


wedding dance epicThe Epic Day

We take care of everything in advance and leave nothing to chance. Throughout the entire process leading up to the day of your event, we completely prepare you for what is going to take place.  As well as prepare ourselves for living up to the expectations. The DJing portion of the process is what comes easiest to our team. This is when we get to take everything that was planned and implement it into one big Epic Event! All of our DJs are prepared to “work on the fly” and “read the crowd“. During the process leading up to the event, we will communicate to you how you would like us to interact with your guests and how you would like for us to perform. So rest assured you will be in good hands. We implement everything and add even more during the event to improve on the structure created by you! Your guests will be fully entertained.

These three aspects of our company are why we know we are the Best Option For Your Wedding Ever!

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