A Wedding DJ Dance Party With Book That DJ

Wedding DJ Dance Party With Book That DJ

On Saturday we were in Defiance, Ohio at the Knights Of Columbus Hall. We had the pleasure of DJing a wedding with over 400 guests. A big crowd and a fun crowd. The Sound was perfect as well as the wedding decorations. Beautiful Chair Covers,and more. The party started when the Bridal Party Arrived and continued to be so much fun all through the night. The Dance Floor was Packed ALL NIGHT LONG. Djing for that many people can be intimidating for some. However, us being Toledos Best Wedding DJ Company, it was no problem making sure every event went smooth and the entire room was having fun. So if you know someone looking for a great Wedding DJ, make sure you tell them to BOOK THAT DJ!

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The Wedding Decorations!

The Knights of Columbus Banquet Hall in Defiance, OH was completely transformed and decorated beautifully. Our Set Up was very clean and classy in order for it to match the wedding decorations and image of the entire hall. Our Speaker Stands and Table are covered with spandex “skrim” coverings in order to maintain elegance.

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The Best Wedding DJ Will Make Memories

Our CEO/Top DJ Jason Kelley was the Master of Ceremonies this Evening. His DJ Skills are very professional and his energy is high. Make sure you tell a friend or family member to Book That DJ! If you want your wedding to be personalized and Fun, go with the company that has the most personality!

Photo Courtesy Of JP Photography.

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This article was written by: Jason Kelley

A Fun Wedding With Toledos Best Wedding DJ

A Fun Wedding at Nazareth Hall Banquet Center With Toledos Best Wedding DJ

This past Friday we had a great time DJing a Wedding Reception at Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH. Book That DJ was there creating the moments and the memories. As the best wedding djs in the toledo area, we had to capture some of the fun. Here are a few pictures and an awesome video.

wedding dj, book that dj, nazareth hall, best wedding djThe Banquet Hall was Amazing.

We were set up in the Lady Glen Ballroom at Nazareth Hall. Our setting on the Stage overlooked the beautiful wedding decorations and the entire party. We were excited and ready to make this wedding as fun as possible. The Bridal Party had arrived and dinner was being served. In the background was a very classy and modern mix for the dinner music.


Then we Surprised Everyone By Setting Up The Matron Of Honor Speech.

The Matron of Honor called us a few weeks before the wedding to prepare us for her Speech. She wrote a very fun and funny rap for the Bride and Groom.


Wedding DJ Dancing Fun

We try to get as much footage of Dancing as Possible, but we also have to work. So sometimes we are able to only capture a little bit of the fun. Here is a bit of the fun for you to enjoy.



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This article was written by: Jason Kelley

Add Up-Lighting to Your Wedding DJ Package

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Add Up-Lighting to Your Wedding DJ Package

We have recently added an “Up-Lighting” option to our services. We bring out 6 lights and set them to the color of your desire. Our company has the Best Wedding DJs in the Toledo Area.

If you’re thinking of adding that little extra experience to your event, add the DJ Up-Lighting Option to your package. Here are a few images. But the essence of these lights are much better live.

DJ Up Lighting Option wedding dj, dj up lighting

If you’re looking for the 21st century wedding dj company, look no further.

This Video Below showcases the Up Lighting that was set behind the Bride and Groom to showcase even more the spectacular visual options we can create. Watch as she sings to her Newly Wed Husband. Such a beautiful moment.

Tell your Friends and Family To BOOK THAT DJ! We have state of the art equipment and LED Lighting. Our Lighting options are among the best in the wedding industry.

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This article was written by: Jason Kelley


The Best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple

Don’t let your Special Day be controlled by someone who doesn’t “Get You”. There are many companies that book weddings simply because they have been around for a long time. Longevity doesn’t always mean reliability. We won’t waste your time telling you about why you shouldn’t book with one of our competitors. We would rather spend a few moments ensuring you why we are the best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple.

book that dj wedding dj bestJust like any other company, We have top of the line equipment and LED Lighting. However, our staff is not only fully trained in music and entertainment, but we also stay Up To Date with the latest Music and Wedding Trends. We aren’t just “Weekend warriors”, we spend the majority of our work week researching new and interesting ways to improve our company and our performance. Weddings are no longer solely based on tradition. The modern bride and groom want to express their individuality and “WOW” their guests with the latest “trends” in the wedding industry. The perfect song at the perfect moment is all well and good, but what about the perfect “Mashup” or “MegaMix” for a choreographed dance, routine, or special moment with friends to have that sense of nostalgia.

Every Wedding is Unique because every couple is Unique. The “Creativity” of our staff allows for new and exciting ways to ensure your guests remember your wedding! We keep your guests entertained the entire night through.

This process starts at the initial meeting, before the contract is even signed. When we meet with our future brides and grooms, that meeting is not only for you to get to know what our company offers, but also for our staff to get to know more about your personalities and interests. Throughout the entire process, you have complete control of your play list and planning process. However, we are here to work with you on suggestions and creative solutions to make the vision of your special day come true.

"I'll Beat any price in town" - Sleazy Wedding DJ

“I’ll Beat any price in town” – Sleazy Wedding DJ

We understand that most of today’s couples have to fund their special day themselves and they must stay aware of their budget. Which is why we assure you we are “Competitively Priced”. What that means is that we have a lot to offer in our packages and services compared to the prices we have set. It also means that based on what our competitors charge, we are around the same price points (if not slightly under) and offer so much more to our clients. We strongly encourage all of our clients to do their homework and research other companies prices. We also want you to BEWARE of those companies that claim to have the “LOWEST PRICE” or “BEST DEAL” because all too often you “Get What You Pay For”.

Don’t let your special day be ruined solely on the price of your DJ. Your DJ is what will “make or break” your Wedding. You can have the most beautiful decorations, the most delicious food, at the most elegant location, but if your DJ is unprepared, unexperienced, or simply “Wack”, that is all anyone will remember. The same goes for the other way around. You can have pizza, hot wings, paper plates, in a garage, and if your DJ ROCKS, you will have the most memorable Wedding of the YEAR!

All of our Clients MEET THEIR DJ before they Sign any contracts! This is to ensure there is a “Connection” and so the process can begin of everyone being on the “Same Page”.

We care about our Clients and we are passionate about leaving lasting memories! Let us make memories for you!