“I’m So Married” Iggy Azalea Fancy Parody

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We Love bringing you the best around and today this Parody really hit home with us! We hope you love it as much as we did.

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We’ve done so much, but so much still to do, so much to be done! Our talents have been reaching new levels… Our abilities have become even more “Self Aware”! Weddings will never been the same. They have evolved and so have we.

When the average person gets invited to a wedding, they imagine enjoying some good food, some drinks and maybe doing a little dancing. Their excitement is minimal. Maybe they have been to a wedding or two before and they had a pretty o.k. time.

When a person gets invited to a wedding that Book That DJ will be a part of, their excitement is much much higher. They know to expect the unexpected and they know that it will be more of a Fun Formal Event than just another wedding. With a constant flow of events and music, the energy is controlled with perfect precision! We are never the center of attention, we continually keeping the focus on the bride and groom, and we make sure the flow awareness is maintained all night long.

We have broken the mold and a new era of weddings has emerged! By spending countless hours training, researching, creating, and breaking the elements down to a science, we have begun a new programming method that will ensure each wedding is unlike any other.

No longer will your guests wait forever to get to dance. No longer will your guests not know what is going on because they can’t hear the DJ. No longer will just one style/genre/type of music be played. No longer will Bride and Grooms just “go through the motions”. No longer will you stress about whether it will be fun or not.

Our Programming is Perfected for YOU!

Are you ready for the New Age?

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Let Our Family Take Care Of Yours

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Here at Book That DJ, we aren’t just DJs, our crew is more like a family than anything. We feel that one of the most valuable aspects of our company is how much care we put in to our clients. When you book with us, we encourage you to add us all on facebook and feel comfortable in the fact that you don’t just get a DJ, you get our family! Sometimes life happens and our DJs may be unavailable for a day or two. That is why we stress that you can contact any other member of our family with any questions, in order to get a prompt answer.

Our clients aren’t just clients, they become members of our family as well. We absolutely enjoy seeing the union of two families. It is our duty to ensure that union is the most memorable it can be. Even after the big day, our clients still stay in contact with us, just like any family member would, keeping us updated with their lives and thanking us for being such a wonderful part of their family.

WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN! Not just a Team, we are a Family!

WE LOVE TO HAVE FUN! Not just a Team, we are a Family!

Our Family doesn’t just DJ!

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Holiday Engagement Deal on Best DJ In Toledo

It’s that time of year again when families get together and surprises are planned! One of the most romantic times of year to pop that big question! Well, we are also in the holiday spirit of giving and surprising. Which is why we are running our Holiday Engagement Deal on the Best DJ in Toledo!

He didn’t just buy you any old ring, Don’t just get him any old DJ. Get him the Best!

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Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life! Make sure it is exactly what you’ve imagined and Book That DJ! Your Wedding DJ can make or break your wedding day. Either your guests will be raving about how much fun they had or grumbling about how bored they were.

We help you plan for the best Wedding Ever! We pay attention to all of the little details that no other DJ company considers. Such as (without giving away too many of our secrets) the importance engaging your guests to keep their attention. There is so much for you to plan, let us help with the process. We can handle the pressure.

What is our Holiday Engagement Deal?

Well, we are giving an automatic $100 off to any Newly Engaged couple that decides to Book That DJ before January 14, 2014!

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