The Best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple

Don’t let your Special Day be controlled by someone who doesn’t “Get You”. There are many companies that book weddings simply because they have been around for a long time. Longevity doesn’t always mean reliability. We won’t waste your time telling you about why you shouldn’t book with one of our competitors. We would rather spend a few moments ensuring you why we are the best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple.

book that dj wedding dj bestJust like any other company, We have top of the line equipment and LED Lighting. However, our staff is not only fully trained in music and entertainment, but we also stay Up To Date with the latest Music and Wedding Trends. We aren’t just “Weekend warriors”, we spend the majority of our work week researching new and interesting ways to improve our company and our performance. Weddings are no longer solely based on tradition. The modern bride and groom want to express their individuality and “WOW” their guests with the latest “trends” in the wedding industry. The perfect song at the perfect moment is all well and good, but what about the perfect “Mashup” or “MegaMix” for a choreographed dance, routine, or special moment with friends to have that sense of nostalgia.

Every Wedding is Unique because every couple is Unique. The “Creativity” of our staff allows for new and exciting ways to ensure your guests remember your wedding! We keep your guests entertained the entire night through.

This process starts at the initial meeting, before the contract is even signed. When we meet with our future brides and grooms, that meeting is not only for you to get to know what our company offers, but also for our staff to get to know more about your personalities and interests. Throughout the entire process, you have complete control of your play list and planning process. However, we are here to work with you on suggestions and creative solutions to make the vision of your special day come true.

"I'll Beat any price in town" - Sleazy Wedding DJ

“I’ll Beat any price in town” – Sleazy Wedding DJ

We understand that most of today’s couples have to fund their special day themselves and they must stay aware of their budget. Which is why we assure you we are “Competitively Priced”. What that means is that we have a lot to offer in our packages and services compared to the prices we have set. It also means that based on what our competitors charge, we are around the same price points (if not slightly under) and offer so much more to our clients. We strongly encourage all of our clients to do their homework and research other companies prices. We also want you to BEWARE of those companies that claim to have the “LOWEST PRICE” or “BEST DEAL” because all too often you “Get What You Pay For”.

Don’t let your special day be ruined solely on the price of your DJ. Your DJ is what will “make or break” your Wedding. You can have the most beautiful decorations, the most delicious food, at the most elegant location, but if your DJ is unprepared, unexperienced, or simply “Wack”, that is all anyone will remember. The same goes for the other way around. You can have pizza, hot wings, paper plates, in a garage, and if your DJ ROCKS, you will have the most memorable Wedding of the YEAR!

All of our Clients MEET THEIR DJ before they Sign any contracts! This is to ensure there is a “Connection” and so the process can begin of everyone being on the “Same Page”.

We care about our Clients and we are passionate about leaving lasting memories! Let us make memories for you!


Another Great Bat Mitzvah At The Sylvania JCC

sylvania ymca jcc

Our Top DJ/Owner, Jason Kelley, DJ’d another Bat Mitzvah this past Saturday at the Sylvania YMCA/JCC. No stranger to the process of a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Jason was fully prepared to Rock The House for all those who attended.  The Parents of the lucky young lady were very excited to help and utilize the newest planning process Book That DJ has incorporated. (That’s right our new planning process isn’t just for weddings, it can be personalized for any type of event.) The Parents wanted to leave no stone unturned, they even hired an additional EMCEE (for extra communication), 2 UT Cheerleaders (to allow for more dance interaction), A PhotoBooth, and a Characature Artist to ensure as much entertainment as possibly for all of the kids (and Adults) in attendance.

Ready To Rock Before the Kids Came

Ready To Rock Before the Kids Came

Knowing this was a Special Day for this young lady and how much her parents cared about the level of excitement, Jason Kelley packed up as much fun DJ Lighting as possible, including some Lasers and even a “Hazer Machine” (a fog machine type of equipment that doesn’t create a thick layer of ‘fog’, just a barely noticeable layer of ‘Haze’) to showcase the light and laser ‘beams’.

There were “Dance Offs“, The Limbo, and included in the AWESOME Mix of Songs was a fun version of “Hava Nagila” for the traditional Hora Dance!

“It Was SO MUCH FUN! Anytime I can DJ for Kids, It’s a GREAT Day on the Job! Kids always have so much ENERGY. As a Crowd DJ, I thrive on Energy!” – Jason Kelley

The Food and Cake were supplied by Eston’s Bakery! So Delicious!

eston's bakery sylvania ohio

Eston’s Grand Opening at their New Location is coming in February!

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Book That DJ that Helps You Plan Your Event

Our new Planning Process is “WoWing” our Clients!


A common misconception when hiring a DJ is that he/she will turn the party into a “Club Night” or a “Rave”. This is not always the case. We work with you on the planning process and figure out what level of entertainment you would like for us to provide. We are fully capable of creating a “Club Vibe”. However, if that’s not what you want, we don’t. We here at Book That DJ ensure that what we do is exactly what you expect. Which is why we perfected our planning process.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 1.46.22 PM


Visit Our “Client Login” page for access to your Client Area.

Book That DJ isn’t just a company that brings music to your event, we also assist with the Planning Process. We make suggestions based on what you imagine your event to “feel like”. All of our Clients get access to our “Client Area” where you will be provided with an in depth planning form, timeline, and access to our “Play List” area. The Play List area is where you and/or your group can let us know what you want to hear or don’t want to hear at your event by searching through our database of over 80,000 songs. You will be provided with a personal login or a login for your friends/coworkers/family members. It’s a very easy and user friendly process we have perfected to ensure that everything is taken care of in advance. A plan is vital for any form of success and we aim to make your event successful and memorable. Let us help you Plan your next event!

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