25 Awesome Wedding Proposals

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Before you book your wedding dj, the most important thing needs to happen: The Proposal.

There comes a time in every mans life when he must figure out how to ask a very important question, and every man reacts differently. Some will cower and back down while others will cautiously step up to the plate. There is a third group, however. This is the group that goes above and beyond, and fortunately for us, also somehow manage to capture all of the action on camera.


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Wedding Dance Surprise – Beyonce Single Ladies

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This is hilarious. We have had some great people at the weddings that we have had the pleasure to dj. We haven’t yet had something of this caliber, but we will definitely encourage our clients to be creative. We absolutely love the wedding industry and can’t wait to continue bringing awesome dj service to the greater toledo area.

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Best Maid Of Honor Toast Ever

Best Maid Of Honor Toast Ever, wedding toast, wedding dj, book that dj, bookthatdj

This Maid Of Honor Toast was EPIC! We hope one of our wedding clients does something like this. Who Knows, it might just happen. If you or anyone you know is looking for an awesome wedding dj, make sure you tell them to…

Book That DJ!


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