Be my guest. A wedding professionals perspective as a wedding guest.

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Be my guest.

A wedding professionals perspective as a wedding guest.

Working so many weddings every year as a professional wedding dj, managing 2 banquet halls, operating our photo booth, and providing chair covers for weddings, it’s very rare that we get to attend any as Guests. But, it just so happened we received an invite this year to a wedding on a date that we had nothing booked. So we were excited to be able to make an adventure out of it.

Wedding Atrire men

The perfect attire.

As a wedding DJ I want to dress accordingly so I blend in with the wedding party or the wedding as a whole, so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. So as a guest I had to take a different approach. I’ve seen it all from the jeans and t-shirt guy to the too over the top guy with a full three piece suit and a fedora. I knew I had to find a comfortable medium that is appropriate for me to blend in with the guests. So I decided to get a new suit fitted with all the appropriate accessories to achieve the successful classy guy look. A nice simple patterned suit with neutral colors so as to not stand out too much but just enough to be slightly noticed. A bright white pattern tie that pops. When a bride and groom invite you to enjoy their big day with them, you want to make sure you look your best. At least that is what we believe.


Bridge to the Upper Peninsula

The Long Journey To The Wedding

As we journeyed along our 9 hour drive into the UP, the most important thing I wanted to prepare for was to not be overly critical and get in to “work mode”. Knowing that there are some very bad wedding DJs out there, I worried that the night would not flow well and I would get sucked in to analyzing it. So my fiancĂ© and I said we weren’t going to talk about work or the wedding aspects until afterwards in our hotel room as to not spoil any potential fun we may have.
The night before (Friday) there was a big Family Event for my Fiances Father, so he hired me to DJ as well as set up our photo booth. The event ran late in to the evening and we had to still tear down then go home and finish packing. With very little sleep we woke early with excitement to start our “Road Trip”. We decided to take turns driving every two hours. Our GPS put us at the hotel about an hour before the cocktail hour. This allowed us just enough time to check in, unpack, and get ready. However, to our surprise (since we didn’t do much planning), as we got closer the GPS and our iPhones dropped an hour off of our trip! We hadn’t taken in to account that we would be in a different time zone. Yay, just enough time for a power nap before the festivities.

wedding dancingWhat a great experience.

It was definitely hard at times to not analyze certain aspects of the evening. However, we pushed through them and realized that those things don’t even matter to most guests. Just relaxing and simply being a wedding guest was so much fun. We made sure we were on the dance floor as much as possible, enjoyed the food so much, and even had some drinks with the bride and groom. When people asked about how our business is going, we made sure to keep it brief and not get in to any in depth conversations. Before we left, I congratulated the DJ on a job well done and briefly explained what we do. I made sure to wait till we were about to leave before I mentioned it because I didn’t want to make him nervous or have him think about whether I would be critiquing his work. He did a wonderful job and I actually learned some different things to incorporate in to what we do. The biggest thing I learned as a wedding guest is that it definitely goes by much faster than I thought. Before we knew it, we were in a cab on the way back to the Hotel for some after party cocktails.

Now back in the car for the long long journey home. We hope you enjoyed our article. While you’re here, check out our article on how to Invest Your Time And Avoid Wedding Nightmares.


How To Hashtag Your Wedding Reception – Latest Trend

How To #Hashtag Your Wedding Reception


At Book That DJ we like to stay up on all of the Latest Wedding Trends. Our wedding DJs encourage all of our clients to consider the new age ideas and get the most out of their evening. The Most Popular Wedding Trend of 2013 is to Hashtag Your Wedding Reception! It is a lot simpler than it sounds. We will tell you the basics to set it up and why it is so much fun! In today’s Digital Age a lot of people love to post pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and Even Twitter. They even post simple status updates about the fun they are having.

By setting a hashtag you can find out what everyone thought about your special day and see those extra moments that your photographer may have missed. Even the best wedding photographer cannot capture every single fun moment all of your guests are having. This is why a Hashtag is simply an additional way to capture all of the moments you may miss.


1. Deciding on a Hashtag

First all you have to do is Decide on a Hashtag for your wedding. It is typically #(yourlastname)wedding(year). However, you can have as much fun with it as possible and personalize it to your wedding. If there is an inside joke like #groombetterspoilher… or #hehitthejackpot. You can make it whatever you want.


2. Inform Your Guests

The best ways to inform all of your guests what the Hashtag is that you decided on, is simply to:

1. Make signs for the Hashtag you decide on and place them at the tables and the entrance table.

2. Have your DJ announce it throughout the Evening. Your DJ can make announcements all night simply saying “Don’t forget, when you are taking those fun pictures and posting them online, make sure you Hashtag #(whatever the hashtag is for the evening)

It is as simple as that. We told you it was easy.

After your event all you will have to do is Pull up the Hashtag on each social network and get all of those fun pictures and updates that happened throughout the evening.

For more information on how to Hashtag and Why, as well as other Trends make sure you decide to Book That DJ!!! or contact us from our DJs Page.

Oh and If you ever see one of our DJs out, make sure you take pictures and Hashtag:


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This article was written by: Jason Kelley