From Polka To Conga – A Fun Wedding in Bowling Green

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Another FUN WEDDING from Book That DJ – Toledo’s Best Wedding DJ Company

We absolutely love creating memories on one of the biggest days of our clients lives. We put more energy, passion, and thought in to what we do than any other wedding dj company in Northwest Ohio. But don’t just take our word for it. Read some of our DJ Reviews Here and see what our clients are saying about us.

Check out this fun video!!!

They formed a Soul Train Dance Line, a Conga Line, and LOVED POLKA MUSIC!!!


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Should I Tip My DJ? We Answer The Age Old Question…

In one word… YES!

In a few more words… Your Wedding DJ, Birthday Party DJ, or Any other Type of “Special Event” DJ is in charge of keeping everything running smooth and maintaining a level of Entertainment throughout the evening. This is a lot of responsibility for a person to handle. Not only should your DJ play great music, he/she should also continuously check on the client and their guests in order to proved top notch service. All of our DJs ensure great customer service. Think of your Event DJ as a Server at your favorite restaurant.  He/She is in charge of.. checking if you need anything, ensuring the product (music and sound quality) is up to standards, keeping a positive and friendly demeanor, and so much more.

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How much should I tip my Event DJ?

In one word… anything.

In a few more words… It all depends on the level of service maintained throughout the evening. If you and your guests were impressed with the quality of the evening, anywhere from 10%-20% of the Service Price is customary. Then, going along with the “Server at your favorite restaurant” idea, if anything is sub-quality, decrease accordingly. The reason we said “Anything”, is because… Our DJs thrive on performance excellence and enjoy being “rewarded” for their efforts. Even a $5 bill is better than nothing at all.

Don’t get it wrong tho, if you don’t tip your DJ, he/she will still be happy (as long as they are professionals). We all as DJs consider ourselves in the “Service Industry” and therefore would like to be tipped as well. But, we understand that some people don’t quite know that.

So in short, if your DJ takes care of your event, take care of your DJ. If not, he/she will still be awesome.

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NSYNC – Bridal Party – Hilarious Groomsman Dance – Fun Wedding

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We DJ’d a Wedding this past Saturday and the Groomsmen were Dared to do the Dance Routine they did from high school. This EPIC routine was to NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.



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