“I’m So Married” Iggy Azalea Fancy Parody

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We Love bringing you the best around and today this Parody really hit home with us! We hope you love it as much as we did.

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How To Hashtag Your Wedding Reception – Latest Trend

How To #Hashtag Your Wedding Reception


At Book That DJ we like to stay up on all of the Latest Wedding Trends. Our wedding DJs encourage all of our clients to consider the new age ideas and get the most out of their evening. The Most Popular Wedding Trend of 2013 is to Hashtag Your Wedding Reception! It is a lot simpler than it sounds. We will tell you the basics to set it up and why it is so much fun! In today’s Digital Age a lot of people love to post pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and Even Twitter. They even post simple status updates about the fun they are having.

By setting a hashtag you can find out what everyone thought about your special day and see those extra moments that your photographer may have missed. Even the best wedding photographer cannot capture every single fun moment all of your guests are having. This is why a Hashtag is simply an additional way to capture all of the moments you may miss.


1. Deciding on a Hashtag

First all you have to do is Decide on a Hashtag for your wedding. It is typically #(yourlastname)wedding(year). However, you can have as much fun with it as possible and personalize it to your wedding. If there is an inside joke like #groombetterspoilher… or #hehitthejackpot. You can make it whatever you want.


2. Inform Your Guests

The best ways to inform all of your guests what the Hashtag is that you decided on, is simply to:

1. Make signs for the Hashtag you decide on and place them at the tables and the entrance table.

2. Have your DJ announce it throughout the Evening. Your DJ can make announcements all night simply saying “Don’t forget, when you are taking those fun pictures and posting them online, make sure you Hashtag #(whatever the hashtag is for the evening)

It is as simple as that. We told you it was easy.

After your event all you will have to do is Pull up the Hashtag on each social network and get all of those fun pictures and updates that happened throughout the evening.

For more information on how to Hashtag and Why, as well as other Trends make sure you decide to Book That DJ!!! or contact us from our DJs Page.

Oh and If you ever see one of our DJs out, make sure you take pictures and Hashtag:


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A Fun Wedding With Toledos Best Wedding DJ

A Fun Wedding at Nazareth Hall Banquet Center With Toledos Best Wedding DJ

This past Friday we had a great time DJing a Wedding Reception at Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH. Book That DJ was there creating the moments and the memories. As the best wedding djs in the toledo area, we had to capture some of the fun. Here are a few pictures and an awesome video.

wedding dj, book that dj, nazareth hall, best wedding djThe Banquet Hall was Amazing.

We were set up in the Lady Glen Ballroom at Nazareth Hall. Our setting on the Stage overlooked the beautiful wedding decorations and the entire party. We were excited and ready to make this wedding as fun as possible. The Bridal Party had arrived and dinner was being served. In the background was a very classy and modern mix for the dinner music.


Then we Surprised Everyone By Setting Up The Matron Of Honor Speech.

The Matron of Honor called us a few weeks before the wedding to prepare us for her Speech. She wrote a very fun and funny rap for the Bride and Groom.


Wedding DJ Dancing Fun

We try to get as much footage of Dancing as Possible, but we also have to work. So sometimes we are able to only capture a little bit of the fun. Here is a bit of the fun for you to enjoy.



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Book That DJ Special For Marriage Equality

Book That DJ is proud to be a part of the Wedding Industry on this Historical Day. Today the United States Supreme court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which had prohibited same-sex married couples from accessing federal benefits. Although same sex couples still do not have the rights to marriage in the State of Ohio, those couples that have been legally married out of state will now be eligible for federal benefits and other programs. We here at Book That DJ, respect the rights of all couples.

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In support of Marriage Equality, Book That DJ is giving a $100 Discount to all New Bookings (Including Same Sex Couple Bookings) between June 26, 2013 and July 31, 2013! For any same sex couple that has been legally married out of state and still wants to plan a wedding reception, tell them to BOOK THAT DJ!


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