Amazing News From Our Owner’s Trip To California

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A Well Deserved Vacation

It’s been a long time since our owner’s Jason and Laura took a break from all of their hard work. Making sure everything is running perfectly at all times is a very daunting task for anyone. But they seem to never let it faze them and they keep it all together.

2015 is already becoming a very busy year with the second week of January being the biggest week ever for the company. In one week we acquired 28 new clients for the 2015 and 2016 wedding season. We are planning for 2015 to be our biggest year yet. It’s a steady flow of work all the way up to April and then May gets insanely busy. So in order to prepare for the road ahead it was necessary for our owners to UnPlug and take a vacation. Albeit a small vacation with them only being gone for 4 days. Jason said, “that’s about all the time we can take off really without missing what we do and taking care of business”.

Jason and Laura decided to buy plane tickets for a trip to LA as their Christmas present to each other. So they packed up and headed to the West Coast. “It’s going to be hard not to think about work and just relax, but we are policing each other to make sure we don’t get distracted from sunny California”, Jason stated. What happened on their trip was completely unexpected.


The first morning in California was the most difficult.  Without having my Macbook at hand and getting in to our online work as I do on a daily basis, I felt incomplete. But after we got out and about to see the sights, the anxiety completely slipped away. Before we left, we briefed a few of our team members and tasked them with responsibilities to ensure that the company would still run smoothly. Also, so we wouldn’t be stressed out at all during our vacation.  We absolutely love our team! Without them we wouldn’t have had as fun of a time while we were away. From transferring phone lines to monitoring all inbound emails, our crew stayed on top of everything that came in. It takes a lot to continue operations and we are glad to have such support from our crew.

I tried so much not to think about business and talk about business during our trip. However, anyone who knows me knows that this is almost impossible. I love what I do and I love continuously creating new opportunities. We had NO IDEA the opportunity that would have came about while we were all the way on the west coast…

A long time friend and associate of mine (Owner of Hollywood Universal and many other multimedia outlets in the San Diego Area, Mugsy Mahonney) had moved to the San Diego area almost a year prior. He was able to show us around the San Diego area while we were in town. It was a great time not only seeing all of the wonderful sights, but also catching up. During a great lunch at The Ale House in Pacific Beach, we started talking shop about DJing and business growth. It dawned on me and I had an AH HA moment! As much as I didn’t want to talk business, it just happens that way sometimes. Without getting in to all of the details…


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It will take some time to work through all of the planning and processes. But we have officially started the process of building a Book That DJ branch in San Diego, California. The process is estimated to take up to two years to be fully operational. The greatest thing about The Wedding Industry on the West Coast is that there isn’t just a ‘season’, it’s all year round. We’ve begun researching the market trends and associated data, as well as dates for Bridal Shows/Fairs in and around San Diego. With the help of several contacts within the San Diego area, what was once just a mere thought is now becoming reality. This was the business highlight from a primarily personal vacation. So we decided to not only share the journey, but share the BIG NEWS as well! We hope you all are as excited as we are.


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In Flight Reading

As you may or may not know, our owner Jason has an extensive library of business books, self help books, and even the “For Dummies” books. He is constantly reading new books that help him grow personally and professionally. In turn it helps us all, because it allows him to be even more productive and creative. For this particular flight to California, he knew he would be on the plane for several hours. So he sought to get some new books that will not only do more of the same for us all, but also keep him busy throughout the flight. Many of his books are highly recommended for any small business owner looking to grow their business and minds. Here are the books he chose to take with him…

The Compound Effect

darren hardy, compound effect, business reading, business books, book that dj, san diego dj This book reveals the core principles that drive success. The Compound Effect contains the essence of what every superachiever needs to know, practice, and master to obtain extraordinary success. Inside you will find strategies on:

  • How to win—every time! The No. 1 strategy to achieve any goal and triumph over any competitor, even if they’re smarter, more talented or more experienced.
  • Eradicating your bad habits (some you might be unaware of!) that are derailing your progress.
  • Painlessly installing the few key disciplines required for major breakthroughs.
  • The real, lasting keys to motivation—how to get yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing.
  • Capturing the elusive, awesome force of momentum. Catch this, and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • The acceleration secrets of superachievers. Do they have an unfair advantage? Yes they do, and now you can too!


How To Win Friends And Influence People

goodreads, how to win friends and influence people, For more than sixty years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this book has carried thousands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

Now this previously revised and updated bestseller is available in trade paperback for the first time to help you achieve your maximum potential throughout the next century! Learn:

* Three fundamental techniques in handling people

* The six ways to make people like you

* The twelve ways to win people to you way of thinking

* The nine ways to change people without arousing resentment



Thank you all for your continued support! We LOVE YOU ALL!

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Owners Jason Kelley and Laura Spiess in San Diego California


Book That DJ Wins WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award

 Perrysburg’s Own Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) Wins a WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award® 2015

Book That DJ Team

Perrysburg, OH – January 14, 2015 – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading online wedding marketplace, named Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) as a winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® 2015 for DJ in Perrysburg!

The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® 2015 recognizes the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. The esteemed awards are given to the top local wedding vendors in more than 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, based on their professional achievements from the previous year.

While many industry award winners are selected by the host organization, the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® winners are determined solely based on reviews from real newlyweds and their experiences working with Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs). Award-winning vendors are distinguished for the quality, quantity, consistency and timeliness of the reviews they have received from their past clients.

“It’s always exciting to start the year by honoring the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who represent more than two million reviews on our website,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire. “Each of the businesses recognized are committed to quality, professionalism and all around top-notch service. We applaud Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) for their impressive achievements within the wedding industry.”

As a Couples’ Choice Awards® winner, Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) is highlighted within the WeddingWire Network, which is comprised of more than 200,000 wedding professionals throughout North America and abroad.

Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs) is proud to be one of the top DJ in Perrysburg in the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding sites such as WeddingWire, Project Wedding,, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Weddingbee. We would like to thank our past clients for taking the time to review our business on WeddingWire. We value all of our clients and truly appreciate the positive feedback that helped us earn the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® 2015.

For more information about Book That DJ (Professional Wedding DJs), please visit our WeddingWire Storefront today at

To learn more about the Couple’s Choice Awards®, please visit

About WeddingWire
WeddingWire, the leading technology company serving the $100 billion wedding and events industry, is the largest online vertical marketplace connecting engaged couples with event professionals. With more than two million consumer reviews, it is the industry leader in consumer reviews. The site enables engaged couples to search, compare and book from an extensive database of more than 200,000 recently reviewed event professionals, from venues to photographers. WeddingWire provides event professionals with the technology they need to serve their clients, including a SaaS platform, which powers advertising, marketing, and CRM needs of local wedding and events businesses nationwide.


Top 40 Questions For Hiring A Wedding DJ – And Our Answers

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Hiring a wedding DJ can be tricky! The two main deciding factors when Booking A DJ are Price and Reputation. Book That DJ definitely stands out on BOTH! We not only have comparable pricing to other legitimate companies in the area, our clients will attest that we are among the best around! With an average of 200 weddings a year and a 5 star rating on Wedding Wire, we are a definite option for your wedding needs.


#1 Reason why you don’t want to hire a DJ based on price is because you get what you pay for! READ our article on why a Cheap DJ is like a Roach Motel HERE.

#1 Reasons why you want to research your DJ’s Background is so you understand where they come from, what their relationships are like with other professionals, if they’ve been fired from other companies, black listed, or even built a poor reputation for unreliability. Don’t fall for the sales pitch. Understand what you are getting yourself in to for your BIG DAY!!!

HERE ARE OUR ANSWERS TO THE TOP 40 Questions to ask your Wedding DJ!

1. Do you offer a written contract?

YES! We have a very thorough contract that outlines everything you will expect from our company as well as what our prices are for each service we provide.  A written, legal contract is one of the first indicators of whether a DJ is professional and reliable. A written contract is absolutely essential and any DJ not using a written contract should not, in our opinion, be considered for a wedding reception.

2. Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

We ensure that all of our clients meet their DJ and get to know them before their big day! Most importantly we want our DJs to get to know our clients before performing at their wedding. We get to know your likes, dislikes, and what you expect for your big day! We here at Book That DJ uphold a very high standard of customer service on top of being amazing wedding DJs.

3. May we meet with you in person before we sign a contract?

YES ABSOLUTELY! We have several banquet halls and a main office that we meet our clients at on a regular basis. Where we meet is determined on where is most convenient for our clients.

Many wedding DJs attempt to conduct their interviews over the telephone and through email instead of meeting face-to-face with prospective clients. In our experience, there are two reasons a disc jockey would do this – either they don’t feel you are worth their time, or they have something to hide. Some deejays are very different in person than on the telephone and what is presented on their website, and you should insist on meeting in face-to-face so you can judge for yourself whether they are a good match for you and your wedding.  Your “gut” feeling is very important in selecting the right disc jockey, and it’s practically impossible to make this evaluation unless you are together in person.

4. How long will you hold our date for us?

Our deposit ensures that we Save the Date for you and we will be your DJ Service on your BIG DAY! However, we understand that there are times where you have to “shop around”, or have a conversation with each other or even parents. We do not push anyone in to booking with our services right away. When we meet with clients that do not decide to book us in the initial meeting, we offer to pencil them in for the next week in order for them to make their decision without being rushed.

5. Do you work exclusively for this company?

Our DJs work exclusively for Book That DJ. However, we have several companies that we work very closely with and fill in dates for them when they need our assistance and we have DJs available.

6. How long have you been a DJ and how many weddings have you done?

This answer differs for each member of our team. Each Wedding DJ on our team has a different number of weddings performed. Our training process is very extensive. Even for the DJs that come on board with previous experience. We ensure that our DJs have the best quality training and experience.

7. How many weddings do you do each year?

Just like the previous question, the answer to this one differs from DJ to DJ. We have some DJs that only want to have every third Saturday off to spend with family and some that do Friday and Saturday weddings every week. On average, our company does approximately 20o weddings a year and we are still growing.

8. How many other types of events do you do per year?

Although our primary focus is in the Wedding Industry, our company also Plans our own Annual events and parties. We also do a lot of private parties annually as they come to us, such as: Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Sweet 16’s, Retirement Parties, Holiday Parties, Corporate Meetings, Pool Parties, and so much more! However, when we have a client booked for a certain date, we do not over book and cancel on any of our clients EVER! We have a very detail oriented staff that ensures our accountability.

9. Do you perform for more than one event in a day?

Sometimes we do, but not when we are scheduled for a Wedding! When our clients decide to Book That DJ for their big day, we ensure that entire day goes in to their wedding. From getting enough rest, to planning our play list and confirming timelines. Our Wedding DJs come prepared and focused in order for each wedding party to get the best experience possible from our DJs.

10. What makes you different from your competitors?

We would much rather tell you what makes us awesome and you can decide if it is different from our “Competitors”. #1 is our Personalities! But also: Our attention to detail, our pride in customer service, our energy levels, and so much more.

Some DJs will take this opportunity to “bash” their competition and say negative things about specific DJs or agencies. We consider this type of behavior unprofessional (in fact, doing this is strictly forbidden for members of the American Disc Jockey Association), and is a poor reflection on them. In fact, you may want to consider making it a point to meet any DJ that they say something bad about – DJs that engage in this type of thing will often target the DJs they’re afraid you’ll book instead of them, and they’re probably right!

11. Have you played at our reception site before?

Our DJ team has played at most banquet venues in the area and are very aware of how to set up our equipment in order to get the best sound out of the room! However, there are times when we have not DJ’d at a certain venue. When this happens, we make sure we come extra early or even visit the site before the day of in order for us to “walk the room” and get a feel for the acoustics, the layout, and the space available.

12. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?

YES! We make sure that all of your guests are fully aware of what is going on throughout the night. We put extra effort in our sound check process and our equipment set up in order to ensure the best sound quality of our microphones. 7 out of 10 wedding receptions aren’t as fun as they should be due to the guests being unable to hear the DJ Announcements.

13. How would you define your “style” when making announcements?

Informative, enunciated, professional, energetic, and natural. We do not read from a script and we make sure everyone’s attention is grabbed before we make the important announcements. We do not talk over the music or commentate throughout the night.

14. What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

Depending on the crowd we are engaging, we usually create energy through our microphone and encourage people to come on out to the dance floor, or create some sort of event out of bringing people out (like having two people come out, then they have to select two more, then so on and so on) or simply careful song selections. Sometimes even a slow song works to get people out then playing a classic song with energy that many people love!

15. What if something happens to you and you can’t make it to the wedding?

Despite our meticulous planning and preparation, accidents do happen. If your DJ is injured or otherwise unable to perform on your wedding day, we have a backup plan? We work with several other professional DJ companies in the area and ensure that we always have extra options on call for big days when all of our staff is out.

16. Will we meet again before the wedding?

YES! When and how often is totally up to you. Sometimes our clients want to meet with us often to answer their questions. Other times our clients don’t necessarily feel the need to meet with us until the final week of the wedding. Either way, in the final week of the wedding planning process, we meet with you to go over every aspect of the wedding in great detail.

17. Can we visit you at a performance?

Unfortunately, we do not allow clients to visit us at a wedding. We’re sure that you wouldn’t appreciate the DJ inviting prospective clients to your wedding to see him in action. We don’t want any distractions to our performance. We hope you understand.

18. May we speak to your references?

OF COURSE! We encourage this very much! We can say how awesome we are, but we would much rather our clients say it for us. You can either read our professional reviews, or simply ask for as many references as you would like. Speaking to a wedding DJ’s former clients is a great way to get a feel for what it is like to work with them, and any DJ should be ready and willing to allow you to speak with their references. He/she should also be willing to contact several of these references in advance of providing you with their information, so that they have his permission and so you feel comfortable calling them.

19. How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?

We subscribe to several major music update services in order to keep their collections up-to-date. These services provide our DJs with new, radio edited music, often before it is even playing on the radio.

20. How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?

Our online planning area is very helpful in selecting the music played for your event. Our biggest factor we stress is the DO NOT PLAY List! We can play so much great music, and we will play a play list you create for us in a way that it will flow smoothly, but the most important aspect is what you do not want to hear.

21. When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

Preferably the week before the wedding in order to allow us to properly prepare for your big day. However, if you forget to submit your information, we still go to the online planning area and retrieve it before the big day. Also, we confirm and communicate about all of the details about your wedding in our final meeting. Including song selections.

22. Do you take requests from our guests?

This is completely up to you. We always ask two questions: 1. Do you want us to take requests? and 2. Can we use our professional judgement?

23. Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?


24. When do you arrive to set up for our wedding?

Our DJs will always arrive at least a full hour before their scheduled start time in order to have adequate time to set up and get organized before the wedding. We do not charge extra for set up time.

25. What will you wear to our wedding?

Our DJs dress fully formal for weddings! Even when our clients say that it is ok for us to wear jeans and sneakers or shorts. We make sure our appearance is completely professional. We don’t wear sneakers or jeans to weddings, because we feel that we are representing a professional service. Unless our clients absolutely demand it without any room for negotiating.

26. What will you wear when you set up and break down your equipment?

Typically we wear our dress shirt and slacks to set up and tear down. However, some times we wear our Book That DJ T-Shirts or Hoodies. Depending on how much equipment we have to set up. We don’t want to sweat in our formal attire before the wedding even starts. But we definitely make sure we are neat and clean in appearance. Most importantly, we ensure that we are always set up before any guests arrive.

27. How much of a deposit is required to secure our date?

Our Deposit is $200 to save the date. However, sometimes we run specials and only require a $100 deposit to save the date. This deposit is applied towards the balance.

28. Have you ever worked for another DJ company? May we contact that other company and ask about your performance?

Sometimes our DJs have previous experience from other DJ Companies. We ensure that our DJs have very high reputations amongst other professionals in the wedding community.

29. How much would you charge for overtime?

Our prices are gone over in great detail with each client. We have an hourly rate that can be paid to your DJ the night of the wedding if you would like them to stay for an extra hour or two.

30. What do you require from us?

Adequate shelter, electricity, and to have fun!

31. Do you require a meal?

This is not required. If you would like to offer a meal to your DJ, you may do so. However, this is not a requirement for our company. Most catering companies and banquet facilities take care of us because they love when we work with them. So this is completely up to you and each situation is different.

32. Are you insured?

YES!! It is absolutely essential that any DJ you consider carries a full liability insurance policy. Some reception sites have even taken the step of requiring all vendors working at their facility to provide proof of insurance before the wedding. Liability insurance protects you and the reception site in the unlikely event that your DJ injures one of your guests or burns your reception site to the ground.

33. Do you take any breaks?

No, we do not. We also make sure we do not sit down while DJing. Other than during dinner time.

34. What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during the wedding?

Our DJs will never take cigarette breaks during your wedding. We also make sure that we do not drink at any weddings. If the bride and groom insist on us having a drink with them, we make sure to tell them that it has to be in the last hour of the wedding so we can focus on our job (the last hour is always the funnest).

35. What kind of equipment do you use?

We use powered speakers, concert performance microphones, state of the art/sound activated LED lighting, and much more. If our clients ask for an equipment list, we provide them with one.

36. Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?

YES! All of our DJs practice a method we like to call “The ABES Method”. Meaning Always Bring Extra Stuff.

37. Do you have a wireless microphone?

Yes and a very good one! We also make sure that our wireless microphones have fresh batteries before each wedding. Even if it was barely used at the wedding prior, we do not allow for our wireless microphones to cut out during speeches and toasts.

38. Do you have a “light show”?

Yes we do. We have packages that include lighting options. It all depends on what you imagine for your big day.

39. Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?

Definitely not. We do not do any shameless self promoting during your big day. Our performance is our best form of promotion we could ever have. We carry business cards and marketing materials in case anyone asks for any. Or we may put some business cards at the bar. But we do not bring out any banners or signs.

40. Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?

Yes, our owner is registered with ASCAP as well as the American Disc Jockey Association. We are all trained to uphold a very high standard of excellence.

Meet our Professional Wedding DJ’s HERE!

“La Hora Loca” (The Crazy Hour) Wedding Tip of 2013

We had such a great Wedding Season of 2013. It lasted till the final Saturday of the Year! December 28th. But, this was unlike any other wedding we did all year. This great couple lives in Miami and was planning their wedding in Cleveland Ohio at the Glidden House. The Glidden House is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s most elegant wedding venues. With our couple being from out of state and their wedding being “out of town” we were ready to take on this event with full planning, just as any other wedding. Our online planning area was perfect for the Beautiful Couple to not only create their play list, but to stay in complete contact with their DJ as well. It was through this communication that One of them decided to surprise the other with what is called

“La Hora Loca” or in English “The Crazy Hour”.

It is a designated hour in the evening when the party goes into Carnaval mode. It is a high-energy part of the evening where the host or bride & groom hand out masks and beads and the DJ plays an upbeat set of Spanish music. It’s a party within a party. La Hora Loca can be considered like an After Party within the Party.
la hora loca, the crazy hour, crazy hour playlist, la hora loca dj, spanish wedding
A couple of the songs we played for La Hora Loca DJ Play List:
  • “Magalenha” – Sergio Mendes
  • “Samba de Janeiro” – Bellini
  • “75th Street Brazil” – Nicola Fasano
  • “Danza Kuduro” – Don Omar
  • “Waka Waka” – Shakira

This was our first time being exposed to this style of wedding event. However, just as anything else, we did our research and created such a fun night for the beautiful couple! All the way till the last song of the night!!


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Touching Father’s Speech at Daughters Wedding

wedding speech, father speech, best speech, best wedding speech

We here at Book That DJ absolutely love what we do as wedding DJ’s. The best part is the memories that are created.

Father gives a touching speech right before he gives away his daughter at her wedding.


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