Remakes, Mixes, and Mashups Make More Memories! We Got Em!



Our Company (Book That DJ) not only stays on top of all the latest Wedding Trends, we also either create or search out original Remakes, Mixes, and Mashups in order to add even more lasting memories.

hip hop wedding dj originalWe are preparing for our First Wedding for the Season on April 6th. Our clients are big fans of Old School Hip Hop and R&B. We like to make sure we treat every clients reception as unique as they are and add our creativity to their special day. There are many classic songs that we have ready to play during the Dancing portion of the evening. However, we wanted to go above and beyond that.

In this case we searched out several Hip Hop tracks that have been remade into either a slow song or an acoustic version of the original. We wanted to play these during the Cocktail Hour and Dinner Hour. They are a perfect blend of slow and easy listening while still having the effect of the memorable song being noticed. What might sound like just another slow song to one person, will spark a memory in another that will notice what song is actually being sung. One of the greatest versions we found was a cover song of “Today Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube. We hope you enjoy what we have found. We have so many more in our collection. Thank you all for your continued support.



Don’t just settle for any old wedding DJ. We help make it as Creative as Possible.

An Abandoned Playlist, The Story Of An Irish DJ on St Pattys Day

As a Professional DJ it is pertinent that you be prepared for the event that you are about to perform/entertain at. There are many different types of DJ’s (we will get into that at another time). However, no matter what type of DJ you are, you must be Diverse in order to be considered a Professional. This is the story of an Irish DJ on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Owner, Jason Kelley, is primarily a “Wedding DJ” but is known to be able to “Rock The House” in any setting. Jason considers himself more of a “Wedding DJ” by choice. He has DJ’d many clubs, bars, private events, parties, festivals, and more. But he is most comfortable being a part of that Special Day. There are very few “DJ Gigs” he accepts outside of the Wedding Industry. One of which is his regular appearances at TGIFriday’s in Toledo, OH. Jason, along with fellow Book That DJ member Donny P, perform what they call “Tiger Trivia” every Wednesday. Jason also DJ’s a “Themed Party” once a Month for TGIFriday’s.


The St. Patty’s Day Party was planned for Sunday, March 17th. So as any Great DJ does, Jason put together an AWESOME play list of many Irish songs and Medley’s to entertain the St. Patty’s Party Goers. Everything from House of Pain to Floggin Molly, Barstool Hooligans, and of course Dropkick Murphy’s (with many more in between). Seemed as easy as any other Gig he prepares for.

Upon arriving for set up, Jason noticed that there weren’t any of the “regulars” or “Party Goers” in attendance. In fact it was a completely different crowd all together. Very little green and only about a handful of people. He opened his set with a perfect beatmatch blend from House Of Pain Jump Around to Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m shipping up to Boston”. It was at this time Jason noticed the patrons in attendance were not very entertained and slightly annoyed by the music being played. He was then faced with a dillemmma. Should he continue playing Irish music since he was hired to DJ a St. Patrick’s Day Party and hope Party Goers arrive? or Should he switch it up to entertain the crowd before him. Although it seems like a hard decision, it really was not. As a professional entertainer, Jason quickly switched up the music and began to just DJ on the Fly. He engaged the crowd with his microphone charisma and then shifted right into Aerosmith ft. Run DMC – Walk This Way. The VIBE of the party was then in Full Effect.

run dmc

“You must Adapt to your crowd”, said Jason Kelley, “if you’re not keeping your crowd entertained, you are failing. It’s not about ‘Me’ when I DJ, it’s about how much FUN people have when I’m in charge of their FUN”.



“DJing is like putting together a Puzzle and playing chess at the same time… Songs should fit right where they need to be while watching the moves of the crowd and calculating. A Great DJ thinks 3 plays ahead in planning right where each piece will fit before the time runs out, all the while knowing it can change at any moment”.  – Jason Kelley.

Any DJ knows that a prepared play list never stays the same. In this case it was abandoned all together.

Thank You for Reading. Don’t forget to BOOK THAT DJ!



Super Hero DJs To The Rescue

Have you thought about doing a Themed Wedding? Theme weddings create a whole new aspect of making memories. We here at Book That DJ have done Themes that range from your quintessential “Princess” or “Disney” theme wedding all the way to the creative Star Wars, Super Heroes, Detroit Tigers (Sports Theme) and even the Muppets themed weddings. The Wedding Theme you choose should most definitely reflect your character the most. You can even create your own theme all together.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you inform your wedding vendors of the exact details you would like to have done. Our Wedding DJs enjoy creativity and absolutely love to get involved with the theme.

Ysuper hero theme weddingou don’t even have to do a Full Theme Wedding. Simple decoration additions and hints of a theme also make for great Lasting Memories. Let your imagination take control. Weddings don’t always have to be entirely traditional. This Special Day is the day you will remember for the rest of your lives, make sure everyone else does to.


This article is primarily about wedding Themes. However, we like to think of ourselves as Super Heroes already. We save the day and go above and beyond the call of duty. Our Powers are generated from our Knowledge, Creativity, and our Ability to Create Awesomeness with a Single Sound.

Hire yourself a Super Hero Today! Even if you’re not planning a theme.

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Don’t Hesitate To Book Your DJ, You Might Miss Out

“Hesitation = Frustration”

This quote applies directly to booking your DJ. If you know what DJ you want to handle your event, Book Them and Book Them Fast! Chances are that if you wait, they may not be available for you when you call. Our company is continuously growing. This year we have had to add 2 new DJs to the team and we plan on adding at least one more. Even with 4 DJs in our company there are dates that we will unfortunately have to decline because we will all be booked up.

If Book That DJ is your Top Choice, BOOK!

wedding dj

We don’t need to give you a “Sales Pitch” or “Persuade” you to feel comfortable booking our DJs, we offer so much with our service that it speaks for itself. Our Brides book with us because we are reliable, relate-able, and responsible. When Booking your Dj you want to have a connection with that person that will ensure you are comfortable with them being in charge of one of the most important days in your life. We ensure that connection.

Even with all that we offer and how well we relate to couples, there is still a hesitation sometimes. Whether it be due to financial restraints or simply (and the most common reason) not understanding the importance of booking your DJ right away. We are flexible enough to be able to work with a couples budget, just ask. If your thinking of just putting it off until your date gets closer, you may lose out on a great DJ Service. So Don’t Hesitate, Book Now and get comfortable because its guaranteed to be FUN!

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The Best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple

Don’t let your Special Day be controlled by someone who doesn’t “Get You”. There are many companies that book weddings simply because they have been around for a long time. Longevity doesn’t always mean reliability. We won’t waste your time telling you about why you shouldn’t book with one of our competitors. We would rather spend a few moments ensuring you why we are the best DJ Company for the 21st Century Couple.

book that dj wedding dj bestJust like any other company, We have top of the line equipment and LED Lighting. However, our staff is not only fully trained in music and entertainment, but we also stay Up To Date with the latest Music and Wedding Trends. We aren’t just “Weekend warriors”, we spend the majority of our work week researching new and interesting ways to improve our company and our performance. Weddings are no longer solely based on tradition. The modern bride and groom want to express their individuality and “WOW” their guests with the latest “trends” in the wedding industry. The perfect song at the perfect moment is all well and good, but what about the perfect “Mashup” or “MegaMix” for a choreographed dance, routine, or special moment with friends to have that sense of nostalgia.

Every Wedding is Unique because every couple is Unique. The “Creativity” of our staff allows for new and exciting ways to ensure your guests remember your wedding! We keep your guests entertained the entire night through.

This process starts at the initial meeting, before the contract is even signed. When we meet with our future brides and grooms, that meeting is not only for you to get to know what our company offers, but also for our staff to get to know more about your personalities and interests. Throughout the entire process, you have complete control of your play list and planning process. However, we are here to work with you on suggestions and creative solutions to make the vision of your special day come true.

"I'll Beat any price in town" - Sleazy Wedding DJ

“I’ll Beat any price in town” – Sleazy Wedding DJ

We understand that most of today’s couples have to fund their special day themselves and they must stay aware of their budget. Which is why we assure you we are “Competitively Priced”. What that means is that we have a lot to offer in our packages and services compared to the prices we have set. It also means that based on what our competitors charge, we are around the same price points (if not slightly under) and offer so much more to our clients. We strongly encourage all of our clients to do their homework and research other companies prices. We also want you to BEWARE of those companies that claim to have the “LOWEST PRICE” or “BEST DEAL” because all too often you “Get What You Pay For”.

Don’t let your special day be ruined solely on the price of your DJ. Your DJ is what will “make or break” your Wedding. You can have the most beautiful decorations, the most delicious food, at the most elegant location, but if your DJ is unprepared, unexperienced, or simply “Wack”, that is all anyone will remember. The same goes for the other way around. You can have pizza, hot wings, paper plates, in a garage, and if your DJ ROCKS, you will have the most memorable Wedding of the YEAR!

All of our Clients MEET THEIR DJ before they Sign any contracts! This is to ensure there is a “Connection” and so the process can begin of everyone being on the “Same Page”.

We care about our Clients and we are passionate about leaving lasting memories! Let us make memories for you!