7 things that a Professional Wedding DJ MUST do

7 things that a Professional Wedding DJ MUST do at your wedding….

Written by Joe Miller, Book That DJ

We all have heard stories or seen first-hand what happens when a wedding DJ is unprepared.

A successful wedding is made up of many pieces, and the DJ is like the glue that will help maximize the value of each of these things! A DJ can truly make or break a wedding reception – which is why this is one of the most important decisions a couple can make when planning their special day.

A great wedding DJ must have great customer service skills and broad knowledge of the wedding industry. I use these two skills to make all of the guests feel welcome, and to put together an organized schedule that makes the event flow smoothly. Many people think that it’s all pretty obvious, but for some reason with many wedding DJs, it’s not. That’s why you must make sure your wedding DJ understands these things. Don’t be afraid to ask 100 questions in that initial interview if you have to!

A great wedding DJ is many things, and below are 7 examples.

A great wedding DJ will also offer references to prove they can do those things. You can find almost 100 client testimonials for Book That DJ at http://www.weddingwire.com/bookthatdj.


A great wedding DJ will closely listen to your wants and needs. If necessary, they will also offer suggestions on how to incorporate those things that are important to you on your big day. They know that you’re trusting him/her with determining the flow of the day, and they take that responsibility very seriously. A professional DJ will always make the needs of the couple a top priority.

2 – PROFESSIONAL DJs Pronounce The Names Correctly.

Professional DJs take the responsibility of announcements and introductions very seriously. Usually this means that they will re-spell any tough names phonetically on their timeline to help them pronounce them properly for introductions and toasts. “Nothing is more unprofessional than a DJ or MC mispronouncing someone’s name in the wedding party, there is NO excuse for it.”

3 – PROFESSIONAL DJs Read The Crowd and Take Requests!

If your DJ is a professional, he or she has a broad musical knowledge and is going to make sure everyone from the Bride and Groom to Grandma and Grandpa have a great time. A professional Wedding DJ should be able to read the crowd and always know what the next best song is that will keep the crowd dancing. Through preparation and experience, the DJ will play many crowd favorites throughout the evening. A great DJ will also take requests.

4 – PROFESSIONAL DJs Never Assume. Every wedding is definitely different.

A great Wedding DJ knows that every wedding is different. They will be open minded to what is important to each couple and help them incorporate things that are important to them, and customize their event. The only thing they should assume, is that guests could arrive earlier than expected, and they should prepare for that by being set-up, sound checked, and ready to play 30-60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

5 – PROFESSIONAL DJs Test Everything Ahead Of Time!

Great DJs arrive at the event with plenty of time to set-up and do sound check. Adjusting sound levels, checking microphones, and positioning speakers to take advantage of the room’s acoustics are all key. Every venue is different and a great DJ knows how to maximize their speaker location to compliment the room’s acoustics, and make sure everyone can hear easily. A professional will always have a backup system ready to go in case of equipment failure. All Professional DJ’s on the Book That DJ team have a fully loaded backup device as well as special cables that hook directly into the speakers.

6 – GREAT DJs are Presentable, Approachable, and Professional.

Great DJs are always dressed appropriately, may even color coordinate, and they are always in control. They should make the clients and the guests feel warm and welcome. If they make you feel warm and welcome in your initial consultation, and your final preparation meeting, then you can be confident that they can make your guests feel the same way.

7 – GREAT DJs Work Closely With Event Staff, and Other Vendors.

Great DJs work closely with everyone involved in the final itinerary. This includes making sure that those involved in a particular event are ready and in the room before announcing the start of the event. A few examples are; 1. Making sure the catering staff is ready to serve food before the announcement is made. 2. Making sure the Champagne is poured before announcing toasts. 3. Making sure the photographer is always in the room and ready before announcing the first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and any other events throughout the evening.

In Conclusion, a Great DJ should love what they do, be well prepared, and put the couples needs first, rather than their own interests. The “Big Day” only happens once, and the DJ is a huge part of making the event successful and memorable. When selecting any vendor, including a DJ, you will find a wide range of prices. I encourage you to ask yourself these questions when debating the value vs. price of a Wedding DJ. Why are some cakes $1.00 per serving and some $3.00 per serving? Why are some catering packages $10 per person and some are $20? Why are some photographers $500 and some are $5000?

The answer to why some are more expensive than others? Because they are usually worth it.