A DJ Service To The RESCUE

This past weekend we had an abundance of work to do. From meeting with upcoming brides to finalize wedding details, to working a Business Expo and even another Bridal Show. Building business isn’t always just a fun thing to do, it takes hard work, dedication, and some very long days. However, despite how busy we were this past weekend, we still managed to come to the rescue for a lucky bride.

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time could be considered “Fate” or “Destiny”.

We experienced this on Sunday Evening. We were meeting with a bride at a coffee shop to go over final details for her wedding. After a very long and busy weekend, we were still maintaining our focus and highly professional work ethic. We were right in the middle of going over her timeline for her special day, when we overheard in the distance (very faintly) another patron say to her friend “Do you know any Good DJ’s?”. We don’t know if it’s a case of selective hearing or a constant sense of awareness that this seemed much louder than anything else around us. So of course we were inclined to respond. We asked the bride we were there with very politely to hold on a second, got up quickly and walked to the table that the question came from, handed the young lady our business card and simply stated, “We are a GREAT DJ Service”. Her eyes lit up and she seemed to have a wave of calmness come over her. Sure enough the bride we were meeting with yelled over to the table “They are Awesome, you will be in Great Hands, Trust Me!”. Meaning she must have heard it as well, and was enthusiastic about everything we have done for her so far. We sat back down and continued our meeting with our bride.

After the meeting…

The young lady looking for a DJ came over to our table and began to explain that her wedding is coming up in a few months and she has been stressing because she has not found a good enough DJ company. She said she had met with several companies in the area and just was not satisfied with certain things. So it seemed to be fate that we were in the right place at the right time. We went over all that we offer with our company and she was completely in awe. She said, “I thought a DJ was just going to come and play music, but you guys do so much that it actually makes my planning and other aspects of the day seem much easier”.

In Good Hands With Book That DJ
In Good Hands With Book That DJ


We were able to provide our services for this lucky lady that as fate would have it was exactly where she needed to be when she needed to be there.


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