An Abandoned Playlist, The Story Of An Irish DJ on St Pattys Day

As a Professional DJ it is pertinent that you be prepared for the event that you are about to perform/entertain at. There are many different types of DJ’s (we will get into that at another time). However, no matter what type of DJ you are, you must be Diverse in order to be considered a Professional. This is the story of an Irish DJ on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Owner, Jason Kelley, is primarily a “Wedding DJ” but is known to be able to “Rock The House” in any setting. Jason considers himself more of a “Wedding DJ” by choice. He has DJ’d many clubs, bars, private events, parties, festivals, and more. But he is most comfortable being a part of that Special Day. There are very few “DJ Gigs” he accepts outside of the Wedding Industry. One of which is his regular appearances at TGIFriday’s in Toledo, OH. Jason, along with fellow Book That DJ member Donny P, perform what they call “Tiger Trivia” every Wednesday. Jason also DJ’s a “Themed Party” once a Month for TGIFriday’s.


The St. Patty’s Day Party was planned for Sunday, March 17th. So as any Great DJ does, Jason put together an AWESOME play list of many Irish songs and Medley’s to entertain the St. Patty’s Party Goers. Everything from House of Pain to Floggin Molly, Barstool Hooligans, and of course Dropkick Murphy’s (with many more in between). Seemed as easy as any other Gig he prepares for.

Upon arriving for set up, Jason noticed that there weren’t any of the “regulars” or “Party Goers” in attendance. In fact it was a completely different crowd all together. Very little green and only about a handful of people. He opened his set with a perfect beatmatch blend from House Of Pain Jump Around to Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m shipping up to Boston”. It was at this time Jason noticed the patrons in attendance were not very entertained and slightly annoyed by the music being played. He was then faced with a dillemmma. Should he continue playing Irish music since he was hired to DJ a St. Patrick’s Day Party and hope Party Goers arrive? or Should he switch it up to entertain the crowd before him. Although it seems like a hard decision, it really was not. As a professional entertainer, Jason quickly switched up the music and began to just DJ on the Fly. He engaged the crowd with his microphone charisma and then shifted right into Aerosmith ft. Run DMC – Walk This Way. The VIBE of the party was then in Full Effect.

run dmc

“You must Adapt to your crowd”, said Jason Kelley, “if you’re not keeping your crowd entertained, you are failing. It’s not about ‘Me’ when I DJ, it’s about how much FUN people have when I’m in charge of their FUN”.



“DJing is like putting together a Puzzle and playing chess at the same time… Songs should fit right where they need to be while watching the moves of the crowd and calculating. A Great DJ thinks 3 plays ahead in planning right where each piece will fit before the time runs out, all the while knowing it can change at any moment”.  – Jason Kelley.

Any DJ knows that a prepared play list never stays the same. In this case it was abandoned all together.

Thank You for Reading. Don’t forget to BOOK THAT DJ!



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