DJ Lessons


Our professional DJs are here to give you the advice, knowledge, and direction you need to start your journey into the world of Disc Jockeying. Whether you’re a novice/beginner or you have some advanced skills, get ready to take your adventure to the next level. Classes are scheduled based on your availability. For more information, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Learn anywhere from basic to advanced techniques of DJing based on your personal interest levels. Training sessions are scheduled for 1 (one) hour at a time with the recommended minimum of 2 (two) sessions to start. Our trainers have flexible schedules and are willing to schedule sessions around your optimal availability.

Please let us know how much experience you have with DJing in the ADDITIONAL NOTES section.
Our Trainers are very flexible and would prefer to schedule sessions based on your schedule/availability for optimal convenience.
These suggestions will allow our DJs to tailor a basic progression plan in order for you to attain the skill sets you are interested in. Feel free to let us know any additional interests you may have in the ADDITIONAL NOTES section.