Olivia Strang "V"

Professional DJ/Event Host

Olivia “V” Strang has been rocking the decks with the Book That DJ Team since 2022. As both a DJ and a dedicated music teacher, Olivia brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to every event. Her deep understanding of music theory and rhythms enhances her ability to create dynamic and engaging sets that resonate with any crowd. Olivia’s passion for music shines through in her performances, making every event unforgettable. Whether she’s spinning the latest hits or classic favorites, Olivia knows how to keep the energy high and the dance floor packed!

    • Hobbies: board games, video games, reading, hiking

    • Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Community, Interstellar, Twin Peaks

    • Favorite Place To Eat Locally: Manhattans pub and cheerĀ 

Contact Olivia

Phone: (419)377-3325
Email: Vee@BookThatDJ.com

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